Scientific Research & Theory

A unique way to stay balanced in an unhealthy world

EMF Protection Products help regulate homeostasis and boost resistance to the effects of stress. Studies conducted at the University of California at Irvine, Imperial College at London, University of Vienna's Institute of Cancer, University of Vienna's Institute of Environmental Health, and independent clinics have persuaded researchers of their benefits.

The Problem

The damaging effects of a modern lifestyle are well documented. The pace of life is ever increasing; the pressures too often preclude rest and relaxation. Stress now seems pandemic. And all around us, multiple electronic devices bombard us with information and electromagnetic radiation. No wonder our bodies lack balance; no wonder much of the time we feel uneasy. Mentally or physically.

The Solution

The body is a complex and highly sophisticated organism. It needs constant fine-tuning in stress-filled environments. At our best we resonate with health. Almost literally, every part of our being pulses in harmony. Conversely when our resonances are disturbed or interrupted, our bodies begin to break down. We become vulnerable to a variety of ailments. Not only are we not functioning effectively, but also our defense mechanisms are in decline.

In biological terms, EMF Protection Products restore our harmonies by helping to regulate the 'homeostasis' of the body. 'Homeostasis' is the condition of equilibrium, the 'dynamic range or balance' where the body's multiple systems operate together and resonate at their optimum.

EMF Protection Products are a breakthrough technological marriage of Eastern and Western approaches to stress and imbalance, combining an oriental respect and understanding for the energy systems of the body with modern scientific testing.

Uniquely, EMF Protection Products have been engineered to effectively re-tune your body's energy systems, removing blockages in your biofield.

The term biofield, used by the National Institutes of Health in describing the combined Eastern and Western approaches to maintaining homeostatic balance, refers to the highly complex organizing field in and around the body. It encompasses the physical body itself, its cellular integrity, and also the circulation of energy (chi) through all the meridian and acupuncture points.

EMF Protection Products are a unique and significant breakthrough in improving focus, balance and response to stress. When worn around the neck, it can affect the regulation of the body's active biofield, thus delivering multiple benefits. SRT-3 effects the biofield which in turn effects the human body.

The Benefits

Just how well, just how much better you will feel, depends on just how far out of balance your body systems are.

Many scientists, particularly in Eastern medicine, believe the kind of energies EMF Protection Products help to regulate control the whole system of blood circulation and affect the sound functioning of the entire body.

Some people report absence of discomfort, others improved sleep, even more a welcome disappearance of a constant sense of fatigue. Most just say they have more energy and are therefore much more able to cope, mentally and physically. Others report increased intellectual clarity and focus.

EMF Protection Products may even help promote sound blood pressure and circulation. Some argue that, since the effects of aging are linked to stress, there are particular benefits to older users.

The Evidence

A wide range of scientific studies describe the potential of EMF Protection Products to balance the functioning of the body. Ongoing work provides more evidence each day. Studies by one researcher suggest that EMF Protection Products can slow cellular breakdown. Studies have been undertaken on live blood morphology. Tests have also been conducted on stress effects (particularly related to electromagnetic fields) on brain waves and energy levels. In addition, researchers have successfully completed double-blind studies and in vitro tests supporting the existence of actual rather than placebo effects.

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