Not sure what kind of
Feng Shui Consultation
you want?

Feng Shui Consultation

Below are some of the
Personal Consultation options available
for working One-on-One with
Suzee Miller Feng Shui Master®
by Phone, Skype or On-site

  • Personal
       - Find a boyfriend/husband
       - Get married
       - Improve your relationship
       - Conceive a baby
       - Childrens behavior and grades
       - Lose weight
       - Overcome insomnia
       - Improve your health and energy
       - Stay in balance
  • Home
       - Find the right home
       - Improve your home
       - Create peace harmony and serenity
       - Furniture placement
       - Sell your house,
       - Lots and locations
  • Business
       - Improve business
       - Increase sales and productivity
       - Work smart not hard
       - Make more money
       - Best career opportunities
       - Get rich
  • Office
       - Find a job
       - Where to sit
       - How to face
       - Eliminate stress
       - Work less
       - Create spatial harmony/balance.
  • Commercial Property
  • Industrial Property
  • Residential Property
  • Hard to Sell Listings
  • Suzee's Five Element Business System®
  • Business Site Evaluation
  • Design Review
  • Landscape Review

All Feng Shui audits are conducted, one-on-one,
with Suzee Miller Feng Shui Master®

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What Exactly Do I Get With A Consultation?

Prior to the consultation, Suzee will ask for a rough floorplan, some specific compass readings, information about when the property was built, and any other vital information about the building, land (or even cubicle space) in question.

Suzee then works her Mastery in several different schools of Feng Shui... some Traditional, some Western, some that deal with energy in specific rooms (and “guas”) – and does a complete assessment of the property, which is quite extensive. All this happens BEFORE you even get on the phone!

During the actual consultation, be prepared... Suzee launches into a
phenomenal FLOOD of information specific to how to Feng Shui YOUR
particular property for the maximum benefit of yourself and all occupants.
There is a WEALTH of information and directives specifically geared
toward you, and you don’t have to worry about remembering it all
because it’s RECORDED.
You will receive a downloadable copy within
hours of consulting, and a CD copy will be mailed to you the
following week for safe keeping!

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All consults are recorded for your review

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Feng Shui is not a fad, nor is it about religion, philosophy or superstition. Feng Shui is the Asian art and science that unites ENERGY... time, space, people and the environment as one integral entity.
~ Suzee Miller

Feng Shui 2009

I am working diligently on completing my office Feng Shui. My husband and I are really connecting a lot better. My husband moved to the SE desk, and ever since, his thinking has more clarity and he's acting more grounded. Thanks so much. I am very excited and happy with my life, and it’s only been 2.5 weeks since our Feng Shui consultation with you!"

Feng Shui 2009

“I am having the BEST YEARS OF MY BUSINESS since I had my office Feng Shui phone consultation with you. Last year was absolutely fantastic! I have been so busy that I had “put off” furthering my Feng Shui Education, but now I feel that I am ready to proceed with getting Feng Shui Certified. I look forward to working more and more with you!”

Feng Shui 2009

“Suzee, since getting my desk and office Feng Shui in order – and using your Five Element Feng Shui Business System, my income has TRIPLED IN
ONE MONTH! Your simple system is amazing... unbelievable, to be frank.
I’m a seasoned real estate agent and have always done well, but In the last 40 days I’ve earned $89,000 in commission income by working smart and not hard! Not only that, I feel more organized, on top of my data base and centered with a
defined business plan. I love Feng Shui!!! You are awesome... thank you for contributing so much to my prosperity and well being.”

Feng Shui 2009

“Thank you Suzee for your Feng Shui consultation. You are wonderful in everything you do. I am always striving to be more confident and move on to the next level. Thank you for all your help and Feng Shui knowledge!“

Feng Shui 2009

“I still cannot believe how everything has turned completely around!!! Right after my phone consultation on November 3, I did my office Feng Shui – and that same week, I had an accepted offer. By the end of November I had three contracts with $60,000 in escrow and a new listing. In December, I got two new MLS listings. Now I am looking forward to having a home Feng Shui consultation as well! I bless you and your AMAZING Five Elements Feng Shui Business System which has been such a great help too. I wish you and all your staff all the best!”

Feng Shui 2009

“Thank you so much for the office Feng Shui consultation today. I am so excited to make all the changes… I can hardly wait. I am already boxing up some “stuff” you advised to take home…pictures, etc. Thank you so much for all your Feng Shui expertise!”

Feng Shui 2009

“I had a Feng Shui consultation by phone with you on June 27th, and one of my biggest concerns was the separation of my daughter and grandsons
from my husband and I. So, I did what you advised (created a Blessing Box) and began to plant a variety of blooming flowers in the Friendly Relations section of the bagua. Today is July 4th, and my
daughter and grandsons are on their way to spend 2 weeks with us – AND – to my shock and amazement, even though I haven’t heard from my sisters, or brother in 10 years, I just received an email from my siblings wanting to begin to have a family-type relationship to!!! I know Feng Shui works just like magic, but I forgot
how fast Feng Shui can bring about change. Bless you
Suzee Miller!”

Feng Shui 2009

“Well since my Feng Shui consultation, a week ago, I have one commercial contract and will have another one tomorrow. I’m still working on doing the office and hope to get it done soon. Suzee I’m looking forward to profound
success in my career
thanks to you.