Here are a few books written on EMF

EMF Book: What you should know about Electromagnetic Fields,
Electromagnetic Radiation and your health.

Author: Mark A. Pinsky
Pub. Date: November, 1994
Publisher: Warner Books, Inc.

EMF Science Review Symposium Breakout Group reports for epidemiological research findings.

Author: Mary S. Wolfe
Pub. Date: November, 1998
Publisher: DIANA Publishing Company

Electromagnetic Pollution-A Hidden Stress to Your System

Author: Dr. Sabina M. DeVita
Pub Date: 2000
Publisher: Stewart Publishing Company/Canada

Questions and Answers about Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF)
associated with the use of Electric Power

Pub. Date: December, 1997
Publisher: DIANA Publishing Company

EMF Handbook: Understanding and Controlling Electromagnetic Fields in your life

Author: Stephen W. Pruta
Pub. Date: December, 1993
Publisher: Sams

Tracing EMFs in building wiring and grounding

Author: Karl Ridley
Pub. Date: April, 1995
Publisher: Magnetic Sources International

Microwave discrete Solid-State devices and interface considerations

Pub. Date: December, 1990
Publisher: Emf-Emi Control, Incorporated

Electromagnetic Pollution Solutions

Author: Glenn Swartwout
Pub. Date: November, 1991
Publisher: Aerai Publishing

Biological Effects of Electric and Magnetic Fields: Sources and Mechanisms

Author: David Carpenter and Sinerik Ayrapetyan
Pub. Date: June, 1994
Publisher: Academic Press

Electric and Magnetic Fields: Invisible Risks?

Author: Leonard A. Sagan
Pub. Date: 1996
Publisher: Gordon and Breach Science Publishers

Mobile Communication Safety

Author: Q. Balzano
Pub. Date: November, 1996
Publisher: Chapman and Hall

Informational Websites on EMF

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