Jerry Day

Jerry Day recognized the problems with Digital Electric Meters early on. He refused to allow a digital meter on his home and, realizing he could not "fight the giant" alone, he produced a video on Smart Meters and uploaded it to YouTube. In just a few months, more than one and a half million people had viewed and shared his video and he regularly handles calls and messages internationally from people who find themselves suffering from, or wanting to prevent, EMR exposures. Jerry has a knack for explaining the issues of Smart Meters and electromagnetic radiation and has even partnered with a company that distributes safe analog meters. Jerry is a valuable resource in helping us understand and control the growing electromagnetic pollution in our homes, workplaces, play spaces and transportation. 

Jerry Day is FABULOUS, and extremely knowledgable, on the subject of Smart Meters and the Grid.  This is a GLOBAL issue...bigger than most of us can even begin to comprehend. 

The TRUTH about the Smart Meter that can save your HEALTH, PRIVACY and LIFE..

Analog meter replacement kits and legal notice to your power company:

Suzee Miller interviews Jerry Day on the Smart Meter.


Your power company may tell you that you may "opt-out" of having a "Smart Meter" (because so many people have complained that the digital meters are are unhealthful unsafe and invasive).

Your power company will also tell you the "opt-out" will cost you $75.00 to $200 up front and $20.00 to $75.00 a month, depending on your city or country.... for the rest of your life!

Do you PAY to NOT BE VIOLATED?  This is simple and pure extortion. These meters emit electromagnetic radiation into your home and spy on your activities inside your home. They are unlawful and NO ONE should PAY to NOT have it!  The traditional analog meter is LESS expensive than the new digital meters. You should get a discount for demanding a safe analog meter!

Our electric companies are not behaving well. Unfortunately we have a fight on our hands. It requires us to become PROACTIVE.  So, tell them your rights and demand they remove the meter w/o CHARGE and/or a monthly service fee!

To assist you, you are welcome to use the letter below. 

Jerry Day

To all Utility Customers,
Send the following to your power company by certified mail as soon as possible.
Courtesy of:

(your name & address)

(your power company name and address)



Your letter describing the CPUC's "Opt-Out" terms has serious errors and indicates possible violations.

"Smart Meters", aka digital electric meters, violate the law and you may not install them lawfully on any property not owned by your company.

You have been informed in the past and again in this letter that digital meters emit electromagnetic radiation known to cause cancer and birth defects by both transmitted EMR and disruption of current by switching mode power supplies. You have been informed in the past and again in this letter that digital meters are surveillance devices according to Federal Code Title 18 "Wiretapping". You are presumed to know those things prior to notice. You may no longer engage any pretense that digital meters are safe or lawful. You may not install any such device on our property. If any such attempt is made, you company's officers, employees and agents will be subject to legal actions involving prison sentences and large fines, penalties, damages and other remedies (see below).

Because installation and operation of digital meters violates the law you may not charge fees to utility customers for not allowing installation of the harmful and unlawful meters.

You may not threaten denial of service to customers who refuse the unlawful and harmful digital meters.

You must inform the CPUC that their policies are inappropriate and inapplicable if the CPUC attempts to enforce or approve installation of the unsafe and unlawful digital meters.

You may not, at any time, bring, install or maintain any radiation-emitting device on our property (address above) nor may you, at any time bring, install or maintain any device capable or capable by upgrade, of monitoring private activities on our property.

You may not set or announce deadlines for your customers to permit your violations against them.

Since your intentions, as stated, are deliberate and knowing violations (criminal misconduct) you will be in major obligation and debt upon any attempt or actual installing or operating of any digital meter on our property, and by such attempt or act you are agreeing to pay, upon such attempt, penalty and remedy to us as we may demand in writing which will be not less than $10,000.00 per installation and $5,000.00 per day during that installation prior to removal.

You have no time to reply or rebut this notice as your opportunities for that have expired. This applies to meters which are now installed or may be installed in the future. Terms in this notice stand in law as of, and prior to this delivery.

Notice to principal is notice to agent and notice to agent is notice to principal.

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