What is Feng Shui?


Feng Shui is the Study of ENERGY, and how energy IMPACTS our homes, offices, internal and external environments.

Feng Shui IS NOT about Philosophy, Religion, Superstition, nor is it an occult practice.

The goal of "good" Feng Shui is to regulate the flow and accumulation of POSITIVE Life force energy called... Chi.When this is accomplished... time, space, people and the environment unite as ONE integral entity that ATTRACTS opportunities, blessings and good fortune... effortlessly.

Likewise, a Feng Shui environment promotes peace, balance, harmonious relations, vitality, health, love, conception, wealth and unbound creativity.

Discover your Feng Shui Element for optimum health, happiness and success, or if you already own it... insure a better tomorrow by listening to it again, today!


FENG SHUI is an application of Art and Science

Definition: Feng Shui (pronounced fung schway) means Wind and Water. Our environment: that piece of land, that portion of the Earth that is ours was shaped by the power of wind and water. Our earth’s size, contour, level, and overall appearance is continually changing and being transformed by the natural forces of wind and water.

Description: Feng Shui is often described in the following Chinese phrase: "tian ling di li ren he", which means "auspicious heavenly influence, beneficial topography, harmonious human action."

Intention: "To live in harmony with the elements of nature."

Principle: Everything in the Universe is comprised of energy. The way energy flows in, through, and around one’s environment dynamically affects one’s life and career. The Chinese call this energy "Chi".

History: Feng Shui has been practiced since the Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.) It’s founder, Master Yan Yun-Sang, was the principle advisor to the court of Emperor Hi Tsang. He sought to understand the flow of the Earth’s energy and thereby explain the behavior of the world in order to predict physical and social effects.

He saw how powerful natural forces were affected by human changes in their environment and reasoned these changes would affect people as well. He began to observe, enhance and alter the flow of energy and recorded his discoveries and results, which make up the majority of the text on Feng Shui.

Until recently, this literature on Feng Shui was not available in English. The art of Feng Shui is rich with symbolism and the science of Feng Shui is based on invisible energies, both of which contribute to the cultural barrier between the East and West.

Modern Day Application: Today, Feng Shui is increasingly utilized by architects, city planners, landscape designers and interior decorators, real estate professionals, business executives, and homeowners. This art and science is used to balance and harmonize home and work environments, as well as, to increase the prospects for wealth, health, and improved relationships.

Consultations: Most consultants are schooled in the Art of Feng Shui... Western or Black Hat. This approach focuses solely on balancing the seen energies, such as color, furniture placement and other elements in the environment, to attract one’s visions and dreams. 90% of Feng Shui consultants, in the United States, practice the art of Feng Shui.

Suzee Miller, Feng Shui Master: Suzee's unique approach honors the above; however, in addition she uses the Chinese Lo-pan compass to determine the unseen energy locked inside a building, at the time of construction. Integrating the science with the art of Feng Shui allows her to skillfully balance the (unseen with the seen) ambient molecular energy with... time, space, people and the environment, to create one integral entity.

Bridging eight schools of Feng Shui.. Suzee Miller focuses on helping clients create an energy blueprint for harnessing auspicious energy in the home and workplace. When this goal is accomplished, it activates positive Ch’i in the environment and increases the prospects for health, wealth, and good fortune in one’s life and career.


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