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“We got DRE approval on two of Suzee’s Feng Shui seminar topics in the state of Washington, for our WAR state convention. Close to 400 Realtors (with standing room only) attended each of her seminars. She was by far THE HIT of the convention; she literally had to be escorted by monitors to the restroom, as the agents swarmed all over her during the break. The information she presented was well-organized, informative, and unique. Not only that, she gracefully combined humor with logic and took a foreign topic and made it exciting and easy to comprehend. We highly recommend Suzee Miller and Feng Shui for Realtors!”

“Suzee’s presentation about Feng Shui for Realty Executives International Convention was the picture of professional excellence. Congratulations and thanks!"

“On behalf of the WCR Governing Board, I wanted to let you know how grateful we are to have your ongoing support for our Women’s Council of Realtors Program. We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on Feng Shui Staging for the real estate industry. It is wonderful to have such devoted leaders as yourself, who are willing to give tirelessly to the greater good of the industry. We are all so eager to learn! You gave us the strategies we need to make the changes necessary to have a healthy and successful year.

Thanks again for passing along your Feng Shui knowledge... we wish you a very blessed and prosperous year!”

“Awesome Feng Shui 2009 Forecast... congratulations on another truth-packed TeleSeminar!”

“I love your Feng Shui Predictions seminar cuz it is so informative and every element can relate. I believe EVERYTHING helps! As you said, “Live your life with passion and on purpose”, that’s just the best way to live!”

“Thank you so much for the Feng Shui Abundance seminar yesterday – it was awesome and very encouraging! Thanks also for the audio download of the seminar! I am glad to have the opportunity to listen to the Feng Shui seminar over and over again!”

“I took your class at the Fourth District Conference held at Trump International on Miami Beach recently. I must say that I am really getting into Feng Shui thanks to you! I ordered the 'Color Your Listings Sold' and 'Hard Wood Element' Feng Shui audio programs at the conference and ever since I received them, I am constantly listening and learning. Thank you again for coming to our District Conference. Your seminar was the best thing there! Regards and have a great day!”

"Hi Suzee, It was a pleasure in meeting you at the FAR/WCR/CRS conference in Miami. You've got me hooked on Feng Shui! I will be doing more research and learning more through all your Feng Shui educational products. Thank you again! You made the class very interesting and moving... everyone was commenting about you and your GREAT energy and enthusiasm!"

“At our California State Convention in Rancho Mirage, we were mesmerized by Feng Shui Master Suzee Miller. She presented a talk on 'The Power of Placement.' Suzee’s positive, super-charged energy intrigued and fascinated our members – they did not want her to stop speaking.

We were wowed by her Feng Shui knowledge and expertise. WCR members were standing in line to sign up for her 'Truth & Tips' email newsletter and to purchase her phenomenal Feng Shui audio programs.

We can’t wait to have her back!”

“I joined in the Mountain Earth TeleSeminar and thought it was profound. I was moved to tears. Last year, my husband and I felt our lives were tossed upside down. That was a painful time, and I thought we were the only people on earth experiencing such traumatic, internal chaos. We managed to get through that year, and I’m glad we did. Listening to the TeleSeminar made me feel that I wasn’t crazy and nothing was wrong with me! It really explained for me what was happening at the time. I really appreciate your Feng Shui 2009 Forecast, and I feel much more positive and confident now because I know Feng Shui really works. I want to learn and do more. Suzee, thank you for being here and sharing all your great Feng Shui knowledge and wisdom!”

night’s TeleSeminar – it was AWESOME! I've already had good things happen – about 15 minutes after the TeleSeminar was over, I got a call from a lady who bought one of my listings (I didn’t even represent her; I was the listing agent) and she gave me a referral!

I really am so excited, and I am pleased to know there’s others out there who care deeply about the people they serve. I will be signing up for your Feng Shui Certification course tomorrow! Thank you again so much for letting me be a part of this. Kind regards.”

Don't wait for Suzee Miller Feng Shui Master® to come to your city, state or country. Now you can hear her seminars 24/7. Click here to order one Now.

"Hi Suzee. I got a chance to listen to your Feng Shui Predictions seminar this past weekend and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I’d been trying to listen to it all week, but had been so absorbed in making all the changes we talked about during the consultation. I finally got a chance to sit down and listen this weekend.

You have given me even MORE hope and even inspiration since our consultation! Since I really believe in this Law of Attraction, I can definitely see why you have been brought into our family’s lives. And, after hearing you speak about the 'Science of Getting Rich' ebook in your seminar, I went to your website to see what other books you recommend. It turns out that so many of your recommended reads, are on my top favorite list already! I can’t wait to delve into the rest of the list.”

"Hello Suzee! I was listening for an hour to your Feng Shui program before I had to get off and head for home from the office. But what I did hear was AWESOME!!! I am so inspired to finish my Feng Shui Certification training now. I love your work and ability! I’ve ordered a CD of last night’s TeleSeminar and look forward to receiving it.”

“Just a quick note to say thank you for your annual Feng Shui Forecast TeleSeminar last night. I really enjoyed it and plan to put what I learned to good use this year. Many Blessings!”

“Well my clients are still talking about you and what a great seminar you put on! I’ve enjoyed being on your 'Truth & Tips' email list and receiving your correspondence. And of course, as you know, you made an incredible difference for Phyllis Weiss both personally and professionally. Life continues to flow with abundance and I hope you are enjoying the same bliss you have created so beautifully for others. I look forward to hearing some more from you about the powerful art of Feng Shui.”

“Suzee Miller is not only knowledgeable on the
subject of Feng Shui, but she is also an incredible
educator and public speaker. Southland Title held a
Title and Escrow Seminar with over 200 professionals
in attendance of which Suzee was one of the
featured speakers. Within 90 days of attendance,
agents and affiliates reported miraculous success
stories using Feng Shui principles in real estate.”

“Suzee, your Feng Shui Certification seminar was a great shot in the arm. I was at the CAR/RE convention last week and heard a lot of speakers but none as good as your conference call! Thanks very much!”

"I saw you speak at EdCon in Bellevue, WA on Friday. I loved your classes, and thought you were a great speaker. I am very interested in becoming Feng Shui Certified through your program. I used the basic concepts you taught us and just sold a home this weekend with multiple offers!!! I would LOVE a Feng Shui consultation with you too!

“I thought your Feng Shui Predictions seminar was profound. I was moved to tears. A couple of years ago, my husband and I felt our lives were tossed upside down. That was a painful time, and I thought we were the only people on earth experiencing such traumatic, internal chaos. We managed to get through that year, and I’m glad we did. Listening to the seminar made me feel that I wasn’t crazy or something was wrong with me! It really explained for me what was happening at the time.

I really appreciate this Feng Shui teleconference, and I feel much more positive and confident that Feng Shui really works. I want to learn and do more. Suzee, thank you for being here and sharing all your great Feng Shui knowledge and wisdom!”

"It was such a pleasure as well as very exciting to finally meet you! I have been a HUGE FAN of yours for years. Your seminar that we sponsored for Realtors® was very informative and gave our guests a new focus to go forward in this new challenging market. Suzee also spent one day touring our product centers giving us tips on Feng Shui staging, merchandising and Feng Shui marketing of our models – it has already helped our business tremendously! Thank you so much Suzee!"

“I very much enjoyed the Feng Shui Teleseminar last night on Feng Shui Abundance... great ideas! I will have to nominate you to replace Federal Reserve Chairman. Good economic strategy!”

“I just wanted to send you a note and thank you for your presentation. The comments that I have received were absolutely phenomenal. In fact Suzee, it was mentioned to me by several of our agents that it was the best they had ever heard. Your stage presence and material were outstanding, and you had our agents eating out of the palm of your hand.

Again, thanks for spending time with us at our annual convention. I hope that it was a rewarding experience for you also. Here’s hoping that the remainder of the year is great for you and that this year is the best ever.”

“As a professional REALTOR®, I wanted to ensure top-dollar and good new neighbors for a listing I had that was literally across the street from my personal residence. To help bring my intentions to fruition, I contacted Suzee Miller, who I had met after attending a Feng Shui seminar of hers in San Diego. Suzee did the house and property Feng Shui which helped attract a wonderful couple to look at the home. The couple actually came THE DAY AFTER Suzee Feng Shui'd the house – and a short time later, they were back making an offer. We had some challenges that were worked out during escrow but we closed on time! My clients have implemented Feng Shui principles into their new home and have had great success in alleviating chronic health problems. They have also even increased their wealth. Thank you Suzee for all your Feng Shui expertise!”

Don't wait for Suzee Miller Feng Shui Master® to come to your city, state or country. Now you can hear her seminars 24/7. Click here to order one Now.

“Dear Suzee, I have been so busy and haven’t been able to write! Business is picking up and our hard-to-sell listings are in escrow thanks to you and your Feng Shui tips! I was on your TeleSeminar call the other night. You are so powerful! I've had a vision board, for like 3 years going on 4... a huge one... and so many things have come true – my car, Jorge’s Porsche, our wedding... so many. I totally believe in you as always. 'The Secret' and Feng Shui totally complement each other. My office Feng Shui is just about in order now. I got a new computer a month ago and I just finished with the de-clutter today. I am glad to hear that all is super with you. You are in my gratitude journal daily!!!”

“I was fortunate to be attending your Viera, Florida seminar last year and to purchase your Feng Shui audio programs. What an inspirational Feng Shui Master you are!”

“Your Feng Shui Forecast seminar 'Year of Earth Sitting on Water,' gave me a big picture of what we all might expect in the year to come. The information on industry investments and global directions (political and environmental) was interesting to be sure. What I found to be the most helpful was the review of the Feng Shui bagua and it’s potential remedies for the year. I couldn’t write fast enough!!! Thank God for it being on CD – I’ll be ordering it for sure!”

“Suzee, thanks for your insight – your TeleSeminar on Feng Shui Abundance was AMAZING! Your guest’s testimonials gave us a ‘positive’ perpective in a crazy world. I’m excited to look for the opportunities in adversities. Thanks for giving me a new way to look at things! Now I’m off to de-clutter and lift the Chi in my environment!”

“Thank you so much for your VERY INSPIRING phone conference! By the way, you’re right – I’m already having an amazing year! I And I’ve been dating more... I guess because I’m sleeping in Peach Blossom, so I’m very hopeful to meet Mr. Right very soon... Things are feeling very good. Great things started happening in November, right after you did my Feng Shui home consultation – and it keeps getting better and better!”

"I couldn’t wait to hear the TeleSeminar last Tuesday. It was wonderful. You are such an inspiration to me and countless others! The speakers you had were amazing, and to hear how thankful they are for what you have done for them – you are truly blessed. I have referred so many people to your Feng Shui website ( and I want to thank you for all of your Feng Shui knowledge!!! Best regards!"

“Suzee you did an amazing job. I was sitting out in my zen-sational Feng Shui garden, listening to your TeleSeminar on speaker-phone cuddling with my 5 year old Jamishay. We were in heaven! The day was beautiful... the information was beautiful... the Feng Shui was flawless... I felt like we were a part of something SO AMAZING. I was in the NOW. Jamishay was paying attention to everything! I’m not sure how much got into her 5 year old little heart but she was listening! Halfway through it she fell a sleep but not before saying, “God is good Mama, He really loves us doesn’t He.” Thank you you Suzee for bringing us closer to God thru Feng Shui!”

“Congratulations on a terrific call last night! My wife and I both listened and thought you were AMAZING! Way to go!”

"Suzee is a real pro and an excellent speaker and presenter. She spoke clearly, with lots of positive energy and enthusiasm, while establishing herself as an authority and Feng Shui Master. She was well organized and used a computer with LCD projector to display her presentation. I was very impressed with the way she was able to maintain control of her presentation and the way she handled questions about Feng Shui from the group. The room was filled with over 80 eager real estate professionals who were so pleased with Suzee’s presentation that they begged her to come back again for another seminar!"

"Suzee, you are a real CLASS ACT! Everyone just raved about your Seminar yesterday, and I already have people signed up for the next time we sponsor you! You and your team are wonderful and you all work so well together! Your Feng Shui presentation on 'Color Your Listings Sold' was AWESOME!!! Thank you – we can’t wait till you visit with us at Orange County Association of REALTORS® again!"

"Thank you – the seminar was awesome!!! I was shocked at the way my body has been responding to all the new energy this year. The seminar helped me to understand everything so much better. Feng Shui is really fun and fascinating. Suzee is a great speaker!"

“I just wanted to thank you so much for the Feng Shui Forecast Teleseminar on February 7th. It was PHENOMENAL! You gave us so much useful Feng Shui information. We wish many blessings for you this year!”

“Thank you tremendously for all of your kindness! Our relationship with you and your influence on our lives, business and family is awesome (and mind-blowing). We are so thankful for being invited as guest speakers and getting to share our story during your Feng Shui Seminar. What a great program you put together... I love listening to you – you’re always inspiring and motivating, including your other wonderful clients and guests and their stories... WOW. Thanks for the great Feng Shui advice for the Year of the Dog – we were on the edge of our seat, ready to remedy! Natalia and I thank you entirely for this. Your beautiful Five Element Business System, your Feng Shui tips, your insights, your actions – all brought together in synchronicity – are phenomenal! I am so amped on my life, you have truly EMPOWERED ME, MY FAMILY AND MY BUSINESS... thank you!!!”

"I purchased your Feng Shui Empowerment package, your two TeleSeminar's on Gravity and Beyond, as well as participated in the May 18th Feng Shui Seminar, and have already registered for the July TeleSeminar! I am enjoying all your Feng Shui audio programs and am looking forward to getting my life in balance, at work and at home with Feng Shui. THANK YOU!”

“I had the good fortune of introducing Suzee Miller at our Realty Executives International Convention in Miami, Florida this past year. The audience was captivated, enchanted and charmed with her wealth of Feng Shui knowledge. In fact, I don’t think any of us blinked as we were all madly taking notes as fast as we could. Her following presentation on 'Feng Shui and The POWER of Placement' was not only attended by 100% of those present at her first seminar, but the room overflowed with new broker and agent attendees once the word got out on how good Suzee was on the subject of Feng Shui in real estate.

Being the Facilities Director of the Realty Executives Phoenix franchise, I am responsible for approximately 20 offices throughout the metropolitan area and I can assure you that Suzee’s Feng Shui consultations, input and expertise will be a strong influence on the future of our leases, buildings and office design.”

Don't wait for Suzee Miller Feng Shui Master® to come to your city, state or country. Now you can hear her seminars 24/7. Click here to order one Now.

“Just a quick note to thank you for the two presentations I attended in Miami that you gave on Feng Shui. I have implemented some of your ideas and am having great success. I have placed red geraniums at all of my listings (4) and 3 have sold in the last 2 weeks! I have space-cleared my desk, and am working to do even more. All is helping my mental energies to keep current and energized. I thank you!”

“Suzee was the keynote speaker at our last annual retreat aboard the Carnival Cruise line to Mexico. Everyone loved 'LOCATION... LOCATION... FENG SHUI,' along with her unique sales and Feng Shui marketing tips. Our agents are now using Feng Shui principles to sell property and the results have been positively amazing. We highly recommend Suzee and all of her seminars.”

“In less than one month since I did home and office Feng Shui according to the principles I learned from Suzee's seminars, I purchased a new car even though I thought I never could qualify – and I have DOUBLED MY SALES AT WORK! I sell granite and marble at Exotic Marble & Granite in Daytona. Anyway just thought you would appreciate hearing from me about this great success. Thanks for the fantastic Feng Shui seminar Suzee!”

“I just wanted to tell you something of value that happened and it is only because of the knowledge I gained from your Feng Shui TeleSeminars. I was able to salvage a sale. I have a listing on a cul-de-sac... and it is directly in line with the path of the street... cutting blade 100%... anyway, an agent on feedback told me her client was not happy with the house and before she could say anymore, I told her why and that we could remedy it if necessary. She was surprised that I knew so much about Feng Shui and said that she would speak to her clients.

I had lightly spoken to my sellers about a potential problem but they were reluctant on any remediation. I think they looked at me as if I had two heads! Anyway, after this situation, we’re negotiating the remediation and a possible sale of my listing. It’s amazing how they are listening to me now!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TEACHING ME ADVANCED FENG SHUI!”

“On behalf of the Buena Park Chamber of Commerce, thank you for your fantastic presentation on Feng Shui to our members at the October 29 breakfast meeting. I have never seen such an enthusiastic group of people surround a speaker after a presentation in all my years in the Chamber business! We are still receiving comments about what a wonderful speaker you are and how intrigued and excited our members were to hear your Feng Shui knowledge.”

“More than 125 Century 21 agents attended Suzee Miller’s seminar, 'FENG SHUI: THE ENERGY BLUEPRINT TO MORE REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS,' and every one of our agents walked away with new and exciting sales and marketing techniques for their listings. The seminar was fantastic and so was Suzee. The time flew by like magic – it must have been the Feng Shui!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the teleconference. Its very beneficial to hear other members questions and ‘take’ on things. I also like the tip you sent. Feng Shui is truly life-changing. I’m amazed everyday!”

Above are a few of our client success stories.
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