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Question: My house faces east. When it rains, water runs under my house and I have to pump it out to the sewer and away from my home. Behind my backyard is a landscaping company that mixes soil all year around. How can I know how the environment is affecting my family? My family suffers from too much tension, joint problems, depression, and financial struggles. Is there a way to fix these problems?

Answer: "Negative" environmental factors are the most challenging issues to overcome in Feng Shui. More than 95% of the time, it's near impossible to change or make the environment go away; however, you can do things to help mitigate its effects. From your description, I believe the problems you are experiencing as a family are related to both your inner and outer environments.

I wish I could give you a "quick fix" remedy, but I cannot without knowing more about the occupants, the shape of the lot, the floor plan, how the house sits on the lot, the location of the lot within the subdivision or neighborhood along with interior and exterior photos. An accurate compass degree reading is also useful, to determine the "unseen" energy that may be affecting your health and well being as well.

When an individual or family experiences "multiple" issues i.e..emotional, mental, physical and/or financial challenges at the same time, it's wise to consult with a Feng Shui professional on site or by phone. If this is not financially feasible, then you will want to learn how to remedy the above on your own by reading books from the library or taking a thorough course study of Feng Shui that includes remedies and enhancement for lots, land, floor plans and locations, as well as enhancements for individuals.

Our self-study, do it at your own pace, Feng Shui Certification course contains a wealth of information not found in books anywhere. STANDARD CERTIFICATION is available to individuals and/or professionals in all fields. PREMIUM CERTIFICATION is for real estate professionals only. The benefits derived from these dynamic audio, graphic and print programs are "immeasurable" in terms of the skill and knowledge acquired to improve one's health, wealth, balance, communication and peace of mind. In addition, you will learn how to identify "good" lots, locations, buildings, floor plans and environments as well as those to avoid. It's also the hottest sales and marketing program available in real estate, on how to market and sell property in optimum time.

If you prefer to learn at a slower pace, we highly recommend taking advantage of FENG SHUI EMPOWERMENT; a fun, fast and easy to learn Feng Shui audio program that teaches you step-by-step how to Feng Shui properly. In addition, as our way of supporting your continued education, we will credit you back 100% of your original purchase towards enrollment in CERTIFICATION within 90 days.

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