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Feng Shui Questions

QUESTION: You say a house surrounded by water is good, what about a house sitting on a higher ground than other houses and overlooking the city.

ANSWER: Typically, the higher the elevation the more vulnerable a property is to the elements - Wind and Water - Feng Shui. However, if your home is located in an armchair position (protected), you should be able to enjoy breathtaking views without as much maintenance as one located on top of a hill/mountain.

QUESTION: Is there a remedy for bed placement if it needs to be on a wall that is not good Feng Shui for the owners (it is not facing the door but is in a bad direction for them).

ANSWER: Yes. If it's impossible to angle the bed inside the room, then you can angle yourselves in the bed.

Many of our clients' sleep at the foot of the bed, diagonal and/or sideways in bed to honor one of their best directions. However if in doing so your head is exposed (without support), you will want to protect it with pillows, a screen or nearby wall.

QUESTION: How many steps should the stairs have so that the occupants are lucky?

ANSWER: This is a Chinese cultural question; it has little to do with Feng Shui. However, LUCK is an aspect of Feng Shui, thus the placement of stairs within a property is more important than the actual number of stairs.

QUESTION: I'm redoing my kitchen. A friend who is also a real estate agent advised me not to put the sink back under the window because of poor Feng Shui. My contractor says it will be much more expensive to move the sink where she suggested across the room plus I like being able to look out while I'm cooking or washing up. Is a sink under a window all that bad? Is there a remedy I can make to counteract the bad Feng Shui while keeping my sink under the window?

ANSWER: There is no problem with a sink under a window, again this is a Chinese cultural belief, that has little to do with Feng Shui principles.

QUESTION: Where should I hang a world map in my office room - 2 other colleague sharing in the same room?

ANSWER: In the HEALTH or KNOWLEDGE gua area.

QUESTION: When is the best time for my sister to construct an apartment? she plans to do it on August 8,2008.

ANSWER: The best day and time for construction is based on the main wage earner's date of birth.

QUESTION: My office building is located on a lower ground between two bigger buildings, how can I overcome the negative effects of this location?

ANSWER: Questions like these are covered in our Feng Shui Certification course. The answer is...it depends. It depends on how high the other two buildings are in relationship to yours. If they are not too much higher, it's actually a positive not a negative as they provide the green dragon and white tiger for support. If they are dramatically higher, there is little you can do to remedy the downward chi-pressure. You are welcome to call our office if you are experiencing problems.

QUESTION: What can I put in my office so I can be promoted?

ANSWER: No amount of Feng Shui can get you promoted if you are not proactive, knowledgeable and a "real" asset to your company. However you can lift your personal energy to help you become more of the above, by balancing the five elements and decorating your office in accordance with Feng Shui principles so that it supports your goals and intentions.

QUESTION: I am confused with the Feng Shui bagua reading and the compass reading. My house main door is facing South compass 157.5 to 202.250, which represent Fame & Reputation but the ba gua chart (from internet), represent Career & Path which is North. Which should I follow?

ANSWER: You are referring to two different approaches (schools) of Feng Shui altogether. You will want to pick the one that resonates the most with you. Trust your gut (intuition).

QUESTION: I live in Las Vegas... any advice on ways to improve my winning at casinos?

ANSWER: The fastest way to improve your finances is to stay out of casinos altogether. However if you are not able to do this then you will want to at least "face" one of your best directions when gambling. This will not guarantee you "wins" but it will help to improve your personal energy... hopefully enough to help you know when to quit while you are ahead!

QUESTION: I love my home on an island near Seattle, and have enough money to stay here till next summer. Do I put it on the market now or see how to raise money to stay here.

ANSWER: A balanced home in Feng Shui is not just a structure; it's a living energy that feeds our mind, body and soul. Thus if you "love" your home, it's worth working out a plan to keep it.

QUESTION: I just received your latest newsletter, and I have a question I would like to ask you.

I am not a Realtor or any Professional, can I still obtain Feng Shui Certification?

ANSWER: Yes - we currently have business owners, housewives, builders, architects, lenders, Realtors®, Feng Shui practitioners, entrepreneurs, homeowners, stagers, decorators, students and even writers in the course.

Originally, I created the course for architects, builders and realtors® to help them market and sell property faster - soon thereafter, people of all professions and nationalities wanted to learn about "good and bad" Feng Shui – lots, locations, houses, floor plans etc.

My Feng Shui Certification course is "content rich" with valuable and beneficial information for anyone who desires a harmonious and balanced life filled with blessings, business and good fortune.

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