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Feng Shui Placement

QUESTION: Where is the best place for me to hang a full length mirror for my wife?

ANSWER: It's perfectly fine to have a full length mirror attached to a bathroom door, in a guest bedroom, or even in your master bedroom provided it is not located on a wall opposite or behind where you sleep.

QUESTION: My relationship area is in my bathroom. How can I remedy this problem?

ANSWER: First off, many times "more than" one room (or a section of another room) is located in the same gua area. which allows you the opportunity to enhance other rooms and/or walls as well. However, if the only room located in the PARTNERSHIP gua happens to be your bathroom, then you will want to beautify it with soft, soothing, sensual colors and decor items that compliment "pairs" of things.

QUESTION: Home office is the last room in the back of the side of the house facing north. How can I bring more business and wealth. I am an interior designer for Yachts, Homes and Staging. This has been my slowest year in 20 yrs. How can I change this to attract upscale clients.

ANSWER: Your question indicates that you are not schooled or knowledgeable in Feng Shui, yet you have many wonderful professional designations that would add "true" VALUE to this ancient art and science. I suggest that you check-out our FENG SHUI CERTIFICATION course to learn how to Feng Shui the "exterior and interior" gua areas of property (even Yachts), like a PRO.

Our "integrative" (blend of schools) approach to Feng Shui will help you remedy and enhance your "personal" situation - FAST. It will also ADD a new perspective and dimension to your existing career that will benefit those you serve, in profound and amazing ways. For decorators, designers and stagers, Feng Shui is the "missing element" required to achieve BALANCE; it is the FOUNDATION of skill and knowledge, to build your career upon.

QUESTION: May I know from you, how many rungs I should install/construct in my staircase to give me good result based in Feng Shui?

ANSWER: It depends on whether your staircase is straight, broken, curved, circular, angled etc., and whether or not its primary use is "up or down." It also depends on how "high" your ceilings are or will be. In general, we like to see an ODD "number of stairs. However, the location and shape of a staircase within a structure is "more important" than the actual number of stairs!

QUESTION: My birthday is June 26, 1965 and my wife is August 14, 1958. I want to have my home to boost prosperity and positive for a sale. Are we canceling out each other? She put red in the far left corner of the home (her color). She no longer works, so should we change it?

ANSWER: In Western Ba-gua Feng Shui, RED is not an appropriate color for this gua area, irrespective of your DOBs or your FENG SHUI elements. In Classical Feng Shui, it depends on the "unseen" energy in that gua location of your home.

QUESTION: I have an Asian client who insists on purchasing a home in a particular subdivision with a southeast facing front door. The only problem is, there are no homes in that subdivision that face southeast. Is there anything I can tell her about buying a home without this directional orientation, that might counteract the necessity for the southeast facing home?

ANSWER: If a SE facing door cannot be "added to" an existing home within this tract, the answer is NO. She is most likely following the advise of her Feng Shui Master; therefore, I would not waste "your" time trying to convince her otherwise, unless she is willing to look at homes in a subdivision that offers SE "facing" doors.

QUESTION: I am having problems with my 60 yr. old home with water and now some mold. I love my home. Experts are now evaluating my home. I need to make my home healthy again. Help me please.

ANSWER: No amount of Feng Shui can correct water or mold "damage." To protect your HEALTH, you will want to remedy this situation immediately, by following the advise of "experts." After completion, you are welcome to call our office and we will provide you with a "space cleansing" technique that will help to ease your "heavy" heart and mind.

QUESTION: I just listed a property at $399,900. Home is located in a very nice area. What can I do to get foot traffic to see my listing? I need help!!!

>ANSWER: There are 100+ things you can do right away, and you can learn how to do them in less than 6 hours! Check-out the link on the right called FENG SHUI EMPOWERMENT, for "quick" results.

QUESTION: I am a writer and I am literally stopped from completing a novel because I keep changing my writing name and when I do my writing changes! HELP!

ANSWER: Everything in the Universe is ENERGY, and all energy vibrates at different frequencies... or waves per unit of time. Therefore, "each" letter of the alphabet has it's own vibratory field of energy as well. Thus every time you change the vibration of your name, you also change your writing too.

At an "unconscious" level (for whatever the reason) you may be afraid to complete your novel. However, if this is not the case then I suggest selecting the "writing style" you like best... to help you discover your "prose" name!

QUESTION: I have recently purchased a 3-story townhome which faces west and my office is on the lower level. Do you have any general advice as to how I should apply feng shui to such a property?

ANSWER: You will want to Feng Shui your townhome the same way you would approach a single level home. However, due to having 3 levels, you will also want to overlay the Ba-gua over each level (floor), individually, as well.

QUESTION: I live in South Africa and need to know if you have a distributor in South Africa that I can contact for your CDs.

>ANSWER: No, we do not have a distribution center outside the United States. However, all of our educational products are now available as "Digital Audio Downloads," so that you can listen to them "within minutes" of purchase... from anywhere in the world.

GOING GREEN - Ordering our educational products as digital downloads - not only SAVES you Money, but it also helps to SAVE the Environment and our Planet too!

For folks who still prefer CDs to downloads, we also mail our Feng Shui products around the world. (Note: Our FENG SHUI CERTIFICATION course will be available as a download on October 15, all other products are currently "digital" and CD)

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