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Question: We live in Argentina. We are interested in receiving information about Feng Shui. Is it possible to learn Feng Shui from such a distance?

Answer: All of our Feng Shui Educational Products are "self study," that you can do it at your own pace. In addition, our goal is to make Feng Shui fun, fast and EASY to learn. Too, you won't find the information contained in our audio & print programs anywhere in a book store. A great starter course is Suzee's FENG SHUI EMPOWERMENT – a Feng Shui learning program that comes with graphic charts.

Our Feng Shui CERTIFICATION is a 21 CD audio and online print Q & A course that comes with lots of great before and after benefits. CERTIFICATION is for Feng Shui enthusiasts who want to integrate schools and/or for professionals who work with people who buy, design, lease, build, sell, and/or stage residential and commercial property. It was originally created for architects, builders and Realtors® – it's the only Feng Shui CERTIFICATION course of its kind in the world.

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Feng Shui is NOT about philosophy, astrology, religion or superstition.
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