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Important Feng Shui Questions • Part I

QUESTION: You stated in your Feb 2008 Forecast Teleseminar to avoid any digging in the South for this year. My question is: does this include planting flowers?

ANSWER: NO. The planting of flowers is fine! "No digging" refers to MAJOR "destruction" to the Earth via "new or remodel" construction and/or by the removal of a large tree, boulder or wall on your property.

QUESTION: How do you Feng Shui a "pre-construction" project? My son is building a 4 unit condo building with 3 units devoted to residential and 1 unit (first floor) will be retail. How do I Feng Shui this to pre-sell the units?

ANSWER: The pre-construction period is a perfect time to integrate Feng Shui principles to help create dynamic form, function and flow. It is also the perfect time to consult with a Feng Shui expert, as many factors and layers of Feng Shui need to be considered. Unless you are Feng Shui Certified in several schools, I would make a design review appointment with an expert before proceeding. I suggest scheduling a consultation with us, or with a consultant in your area to insure "positive" results that meet your objectives and goals.


  • How do I sell listings nowadays? Where do I put the sign?
  • What do you do with an empty home?
  • How do I use the ba-gua to sell a house?
  • What is the most important element I should be looking for when buying a new house?
  • We have had 20 showings on a house and it hasn't sold yet... everyone says the price is okay. What's the deal?
  • I am a Realtor and I would like to know... how can I Feng Shui my own home?
  • The house I am hoping to buy is North facing and is placed in a curve of a road. Should I buy it?
  • What do I do next when I have listings that have been Feng Shui'd repeatedly by a certified practitioner and I still can't get many people into the homes or buyers and have been told the home is energetically where it should be? Help, one listing has already expired!
  • I'm confused, I've read 3 books on Feng Shui and nothing seems to be working. Our lives are a mess, how can you help?
  • We don't seem to be able to keep money. Could it be due to our location?
  • What can I do to my home office to bring constant business my way?
  • What's more important, the front door or the floor plan?
  • How can I Feng Shui my garden?
  • I'm desperate and need Feng Shui to work, how do I get started?

ANSWER: The above are a few questions I received last week. I get 100s of similar questions like these, weekly – many of which I have have already answered in prior Truth & Tips, and others that cannot be answered in a simple sentence or two. However, all of your questions are important, and all of them can be answered "on your own" via an integrative approach to Feng Shui.

With little effort, and a lot of fun on your part, I suggest that you "seriously" learn how to Feng Shui like a PRO, to improve the "quality of your Life" and to to sell property faster at the same time too.

If money is an issue for you, I recommend that you start with our "integrative" FENG SHUI EMPOWERMENT program first, then upgrade to Feng Shui CERTIFICATION later on, as we are happy to credit your initial investment back, when you upgrade to certification!

For those of you who want IMMEDIATE answers and results, I recommend that you get Feng Shui CERTIFIED, no matter what your career or profession is.

Feng Shui principles, when integrated and appropriately applied to your home and work environment will dramatically enrich your life, improve your relationships, increase your wealth and support your health.

What could possibly be better than this?

Also, if you've listened to my Feng Shui Predictions Seminar, then you KNOW that the "new" EARTH ENERGY on the planet, DEMANDS that we spend TIME, MONEY and ENERGY on Personal Growth and Empowerment NOW. If we don't, our peers, our profession and the World are going to pass us by.

I understand and appreciate that economic times are rough right now. However, the choice to "come from" Scarcity Consciousness or ABUNDANCE Consciousness is "the deciding factor" that will determine the quality of your life and the state of your career to come.

Today, new EARTH energy demands Integrity, Truth, Creativity, Empowerment and Transformation for survival.

So, every time you say to yourself, "It's too expensive, or I cannot afford this or that", guess what? You STOP the FLOW of WEALTH and ABUNDANCE, and the Universe gives you MORE scarcity back!

Likewise, every time you say: "I AM Blessed and Abundant, and I deserve and can afford all that I seek and desire..." YOU give the Universe "permission" - to shower you with more ABUNDANCE and BLESSINGS back!

This is a Holographic Universe and, YOU are ALWAYS in the driver's seat! (This and more is in our Feng Shui Audio Program "Feng Shui Predictions" and is available to purchase online.)

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