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QUESTION: Is a house under or near a bridge good or bad?

ANSWER: A house located "near" depends on how close it is to a bridge. A home located under a bridge is not considered good (safe) Feng Shui.

QUESTION: How do I decorate using the five elements?

ANSWER: There are many ways to bring in the five elements. Here are a "few" - artwork, candles, fabrics, flowers and fruit.

QUESTION: I am a student and my life seems to have come to a standstill as nothing positive is happening. I am in a totally helpless condition please help.

ANSWER: First, I would check to see if anything is dead and/or dying in your interior and exterior environment, next you will want to clear away all clutter and debris in your study area, and concentrate on "lifting the chi" in your SPIRITUALLY and KNOWLEDGE gua. As a student you definitely want to honor your "Power" directions when studying and taking tests, as well.

QUESTION: Which wall should I place children's photos on to achieve harmony?

ANSWER: You can place them either in the FAMILY or CHILDREN gua area of your home. If this is not possible, they can go in one of these two gua areas of any room as well, with one exception - DO NOT place them in your master bedroom.

QUESTION: I would like to redesign my business card for success in my insurance sales business.

ANSWER: When designing it, simply treat it as you would any Ba-gua- honoring each gua area. If you need help, feel free to call for a "one" hour phone consultation.

QUESTION: My wife and I are planing on getting a small parcel of land. The general location is in a small city named Trece Martires (13 Martyrs). The specific location is Lot 13, Block 13. Is there anything I need to consider here?

ANSWER: If you are superstitious you will want to run for the hills! Even if you are not - you might want to reconsider your decision anyway, as words and metaphors hold (powerful) vibration, as well as numbers.

QUESTION: What is the reason that Vietnamese buyers will not consider a house with a door that opens towards a basement stairway?

ANSWER: It represents accidents, injuries and potential death.

QUESTION: My residence is located at the intersection of three streets that come together to make a Y. My house is located right at the top of the Y where it splits off into two directions. So if you were traveling from the bottom of the Y upwards, and you kept going straight (right where it splits) you would come right into my house. I once read somewhere that this was not a good location and I should do something. I am beginning to believe this because the 2 previous owners were foreclosed on and ever since moving into here my finances have been in the negative and I am at the brink of foreclosure myself now. What do I do? Help!

ANSWER: I recommend that you get Feng Shui CERTIFIED as soon as possible (while it is on sale), so that you NEVER select a lot or location like this again. Short of moving, there is not much you can do to remedy this "Sha" (destructive) situation. This location is a "classic" Feng Shui nightmare, as former owners can attest. I would not hesitate to move... soon.

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