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QUESTION: Which direction should a house face, i.e. the location of the front door? My husband and I hope to be building our dream home in the Eldorado Hills of California in the not too distant future and would like to get your input.

ANSWER: The answer is two-fold. First, do not concern yourself with the "facing" of the entrance door, when the "sitting" direction of a house is the most important consideration, in terms of Classical (traditional) Feng Shui!

Next, the "highest" wage earner's "Feng Shui Element" determines the best "sitting directions" for a house. However, if one or more of the occupants has a "life threatening" sickness or disease then consideration should be given to their best home directions as well.

Your four "best and worst" directions are on you FENG SHUI ELEMENT audio.

QUESTION: My husband is never interested in making love – sex. I don't know why. He says he loves me but in the night he sleeps ignoring me and if I ask him for sex then he gets irritated. I strongly feel that there is something negative in our home. Can you please suggest what I should do? We got married just 1 and a half year ago and I have a strong desire for a child.

ANSWER: In respect to Feng Shui, if your bedroom is in balance (the 5 elements and yin/yang), and if your decor reflects grace, harmony, beauty, sensuality, and sacredness – it "definitely" supports romance, intimacy and lovemaking.

If your bedroom environment is complete in this regard, then I highly recommend taking a fabulous seminar called "Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women," to learn more about men, love, sex, communication and marriage. Whether you are 16 or 80, you will learn a lot! (Click here for information on PAX seminars for women).

QUESTION: I'm a property agent in Singapore. How do I create wealth and be more successful in my career?

ANSWER: Feng Shui is popular and respected in Singapore. As a real estate or property agent, you will want to learn how to Feng Shui your "primary" residence and property listings to achieve success and wealth.

There is no "single" Feng Shui Tip that will achieve what you desire; however, there are 101 tips in our FENG SHUI EMPOWERMENT course and over 500 tips, techniques and templates in our FENG SHUI CERTIFICATION course that will teach you how to reach your goal...a whole lot faster!

Also, in the "best" interest of your clients' and your career - I highly recommend learning Feng Shui, no matter what country you reside in.

QUESTION: We are very broke right now and have been for a while and no matter what we do things don't get better financially or health wise. I know nothing should be broken in the home and we have several things that are broken like a toilet, a dishwasher, an oven etc... and I know you suggest a pool in the yard and that is out of the question. We have a beautiful home but we do not have the money to make the repairs. What can we do? Another problem are the steps leading up to our door, it is all brick and there are cracks in between that is pulling away at the structure. Are we doomed if we can't fix these problems?

ANSWER: In Feng Shui, a pool is an enhancement not a requirement for health and success. The other items you mentioned, however, are VERY important to both.

At the quantum level, there is NO "separation" in energy - thus you are the environment you occupy. Therefore, if major household items are broken, cracked and/or structurally defective, the same is true "someplace" in your life and/or career as well. Usually Health, Relationships and Finances fall apart first. Thus the choice to be doomed or not, is ultimately up to you.

QUESTION: Hi Suzee, after reading various Feng Shui books I feel confused. As the one version works with the bagua from looking where the chi enters the house and the other version works with compass where every direction represents a house/bagua. The zone that I would like to give a positive effect is "relationship" and these zones are different according to the two different Feng Shui books.

ANSWER: There are many schools of Feng Shui. Since you are a novice, I would not recommend you concern yourself with compass directions - simply Feng Shui from your main entrance door. Next, make sure to sleep, eat, work and create while honoring one of your best directions. Each person has 4 good and 4 bad directions, based on one's "personal" Feng Shui Element at birth.

QUESTION: Is it good to have a mirror inside the house just in front of principal door?

ANSWER: In my opinion, no. A mirror pushes (reflects) chi - life force energy - back out, the opposite of what you want to do. However, I know that many authors and masters believe otherwise so it's best to test the "difference" for yourself.

QUESTION: What is the one, single most important thing that I can do in my own home to increase wealth?

ANSWER: Like the other question above, the best thing you can do is to learn how to space-clear, stage and Feng Shui, properly, from the start.

QUESTION: My son has bought house in the cul-de-sac. Is it good or not?

ANSWER: In general, most cul-de-sac locations are "difficult" on homeowners and occupants. Some locations within a cul-de-sac are disastrous, while others are less affected. The surrounding environment is a factor as well, making some cul-de-sac locations and homes "premium." Lots, locations, and floor plans are covered in detail in our CERTIFICATION course.

QUESTION: I would like to take advantage of your special summer offer, but money is tight and I can't afford it.

ANSWER: Quite honestly, if money is tight, you cannot afford not to learn integrative Feng Shui or to have a consultation!

Keep in mind that every time you tell yourself (and others), that you are struggling to survive, that you don't have money or you cannot afford something - you come from "Victimhood and Scarcity" Consciousness. This kind of mindset and dialogue, "de-magnetizes" good fortune from happening in your life.

Feng Shui is Phenomenal and the results are POWERFUL, when one is "accountable and responsible" for their actions, thoughts, words and deeds.

The decision to come from "ABUNDANCE Consciousness" (no matter what your personal state of affairs) is no longer an option. It is now a "requirement" of Health, Wealth, Love and Success in the 21st Century!

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