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Good Feng Shui Questions • Part II

QUESTION: I live in a Townhouse and have a small yard in front only. My home is connected to other Townhomes. How do I effectively Feng Shui my landscape? In the rear I do have a patio. I'm just learning and am almost thru listening to your Feng Shui Empowerment. I'm in Real Estate and know that I must learn to Feng Shui my home and office for success.

ANSWER: In this situation, you will want to treat the front yard as an entire Ba-gua, and the same for the patio in the back as well. This will make up for the missing gua areas of your property. Congratulations on studying FENG SHUI; it will make a BIG difference in your life and career.

QUESTION: What is the best way to sell my house fast & get my listing price?

ANSWER: First off – NO AMOUNT of Feng Shui can hurdle an over priced listing, and 90-95% of all "non-foreclosure" properties on the market (in most states) are currently over-priced listings!

If you are serious about selling you house, I would start with our FENG SHUI EMPOWERMENT course to increase buyer and contract activity, immediately. Then after you see positive results, you can upgrade to Feng Shui CERTIFICATION. These two self-study courses are designed to help Architects, Builders, REALTORS and Stagers market and sell property faster, and that is exactly what they do.

QUESTION: How do you know in a house the location on the Bagua? Are you suppose to place it in the middle and work out or do you place it at the front door?

ANSWER: Place the Ba-gua over the entire house based on the "main entrance" door location, if it's your primary residence. Next you will want to do the same for each room inside the house too.

QUESTION: Suzee: which c/d should I get? I am the element water, but you mention the Feng Shui Predictions for the World 2004-2024. Should I get that one instead? I am not into Real Estate but would like to know what is ahead and how to make money am retired?

ANSWER: Without bias, regardless what profession you are in or even if you are retired, you will benefit IMMENSELY from ordering your Feng Shui Element (Water), Feng Shui Forecast 2014 and Feng Shui Predictions (see link above). Every human being needs to learn and understand the "content" of these three formidable seminars, if you want to live a blessed, healthy and abundant life from this day forward.

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