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QUESTION: What do you think about enclosed back porches, that are heated and have central air. Should they be treated as a room?

ANSWER: If it is used to live and/or work in on a "regular" basis, yes, you can include it – provided it creates an "extension" and not a missing corner!

QUESTION: You said that there are 3 gua areas in a listing that should be "energized," plus the BONUS one. To do more areas than this can actually hurt the prospects of a sale, instead of help it! Can you tell me which ones? I write a lot about Feng Shui and find your comment interesting.

ANSWER: Over the last decade, working real estate Feng Shui, I've tested many schools and approaches. The above is my approach, but it's hard to answer in a simple question as the Bonus one always changes. However, everything is spelled out in detail, in my FENG SHUI EMPOWERMENT course. This information is vital to anyone whose career is in Real Estate, or who buys and sells property for a living, with the intention of selling property FASTER.

QUESTION: Do you always position the bottom of the ba-gua over the front of the house. Or is this just a practice with Western Feng Shui?

ANSWER: In Classical Feng Shui it's placed based on the sitting and facing "directions" of a structure/building. In Western Ba-gua Feng Shui, it is based on the position of the "most used" access (entry) door. However, as you will learn in FENG SHUI EMPOWERMENT... this "rule of thumb" is not always true when using Feng Shui to sell property! You can also learn the more intricate details of ba-gua positioning in our Feng Shui Certification course.

QUESTION: Hi Suzee, I can't afford to get my certification yet, but I was wondering which one of your books would help me the most right now?

ANSWER: Again, FENG SHUI EMPOWERMENT is the best starting point for learning Feng Shui in real estate. Also, when you are ready to get CERTIFIED, we credit you back $300 of your original purchase towards advancing your Feng Shui skill and knowledge. By the way, our Feng Shui CERT members are experiencing phenomenal success in real estate even in this down market due to their education and understanding of how to use Feng Shui successfully.

QUESTION: Is it still considered a poison arrow if the street that is forming a "T" intersection facing our house is not straight, but curving to almost about 90 degrees?

ANSWER: YES. You are describing a "T" blade intersection which often times is more destructive than just a "T." Depending on the environment and the amount of Chi (energy) that races towards your home, the blade can act like a machete that "cuts" into your lives, health, finances and/or career (or sometimes all the above).

QUESTION: I am looking for a new house. Is a house sitting SE and facing NW good or bad Feng Shui? Also if it's a foreclosure is there bad energy in the house?

ANSWER: Without knowing your Feng Shui Element, I cannot comment on the first part of your question. However, you can learn the answer to this question, yourself, when you order your Feng Shui Element.

If buying a foreclosure, I would space clear EVERYTHING inside and out, wash all windows, scrub wood cabinets and floors and add fresh paint to all the walls, so you do not inherit "sha" chi energy. A blessing to release the former owners to a "happy and better" future is advisable too, as there is no separation in energy.

QUESTION: I bought a book on Feng Shui that says I am Fire. Your report says I am Soft Metal. The characteristics that you applied to me are right on. Why the discrepancy?

ANSWER: Unfortunately many books have wrong charts and graphs in them – it's usually due to using the wrong calendar to calculate elements. In Feng Shui we use the Solar calendar, not Lunar.

QUESTION: Hi Suzee, if a family of four have all different elements how do you integrate them properly?

ANSWER: Good Question. The most important thing is to always HONOR each person's best health direction, or at least one of their best directions for a restful night-sleep. Health is the most important starting point in Feng Shui – without it, everything else pales and fails.

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