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Feng Shui and Balance

Question: I try every thing else in life, but nothing works. How can Feng Shui bring abundance and balance to my life?

Answer: Feng Shui is not the end all, but it certainly is the beginning of having it all! A balanced environment will support all of your dreams, goals and intentions. If it is abundance you are seeking, then learn what your Feng Shui element is and start honoring your power directions for success. You can click onto Free Element Report... to learn more about yourself!

Question: I know you recommend a black/charcoal door mat and red flowers at the door; however, if black represents water and red represents fire then wouldn't water put out fire as in the counter productive cycle?

Answer: Water and Fire represent Yin and Yang energy..."balance" at the front door. A balanced property acts like a magnet to pull in blessings and good fortune. You can use a RED pot & green plant, or a fountain instead of black mat, just as long as the elements Fire and Water are close to the mouth of Chi. I know Feng Shui can get confusing, especially if you have read more than one book on the subject!

You will not find the above enhancements in a bookstore, as it is solely my approach to lifting energy - gained from trial and error, and from helping Realtors and builders sell properties faster, using Feng Shui.

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