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QUESTION: My bedroom and bathroom are surrounded with mirrors, can you please advise if it is bad Feng Shui?

ANSWER: A bathroom is an appropriate room for mirrors. A bedroom is NOT an appropriate room for mirrors, as it's hard on one's rest/sleep/health. Typically, the use of a lot of mirrors in a home is indicative of an occupant who is self-centered, self-absorbed and/or narcissistic. The exception to this rule is a property that is trying to capture a magnificent view, via the use of mirrors.

QUESTION: Is it bad Feng Shui if the bed in the master bedroom is directly above the cooking range?

ANSWER: YES. It is not only bad Feng Shui, but UNSAFE as well.

QUESTION: Hi, What has more power: Shape or Color?

ANSWER: Good Question. COLOR is more powerful as it vibrates at a higher frequency than "dense" matter.

QUESTION: I list a number of rectangular mobile/manufactured homes in my community and want to know how the square Bagua is to fit over the long rectangle so I can determine how to remedy to bring quick sale and top dollar.

ANSWER: You will want to overlay the Ba-gua the identical way you would over a house, to sell it. It doesn't matter if a property is rectangular or square. With a rectangular manufactured home or house, the guas are simply more narrow.

QUESTION: I live in an L-shaped house. The part that is missing is my family relationships sector. Suggestions for remedies?

ANSWER: Regardless what you have read in books, not all "L" shaped properties are bad. I find many of them to be basically rectangular homes with an extended gua(s). If you are unsure, check out FENG SHUI EMPOWERMENT or our FENG SHUI CERTIFICATION course to learn how to identify an extension vs. a missing gua.

Learning how to "read" or "view" buildings (structures) and the Ba-gua correctly is VERY important in Feng Shui. For example, if you remedy an EXTENSION you create loss, not abundance! And, if you don't remedy a "missing" gua area, a "void" or loss of some nature will affect the occupants as well.

QUESTION: I have a listing that has a nice floor plan but the master bathroom is entirely green. A light green, but potential buyers have commented on it bothering them. Since this is mostly tile (yes, green tile walls) there is not much I can do. Is there a cure for this?

ANSWER: YES. When one or more of the Five Elements are "over dominant" it creates an out of balance environment. You will want to use both the "reductive and destructive" cycles to remedy your listing. An out of balance property "de-magnetizes" buyer and contract activity. When one or more elements are "over" dominant as described above (Wood and Earth), it's not uncommon to have sellers that are out of balance and/or out of control as well. (Refer to the above program links to learn more).

QUESTION: We are trying to sell our house and there have been many showings but no offer yet. I have fixed everything and the house is in a good condition. Can Feng Shui help us in Florida Suzee?

ANSWER: When done correctly, ABSOLUTELY! Visit our site at www.FengShuiPlaza.com to learn more.

QUESTION: I live in a corner house. Is this a Feng Shui problem?

ANSWER: It depends on how much traffic (energy) flow there is in your neighborhood. Typically, corner homes are not "safe" and the occupants live "busy" lives that keep them constantly on the go. However, if you like a lot of activity in your life, then it's a good thing. If peace, harmony and balance are more important to you, then a quieter location where there is less "Chi activity" would serve you better.

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