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Feng Shui Certified Real Estate Broker Christine McNaught

"I had first assisted my better half's daughter. I Feng Shui'd one of her listings in California that had been on the market for a long time and was about to expire. She held an open house the next weekend and it sold immediately!

After that, I took a listing on a house in Nebraska that had first been a FSBO and then expired with another national chain real estate company. It was across from a church, and after learning how to Feng Shui for this kind of location, it actually sold to the church across the street. They bought it for a day care center!!!

I sold both properties using your Feng Shui Empowerment Course – that is why I am buying the CERTIFICATION course on lay-a-way. I want to thank you for the great information, and for allowing me to pay on time. I can't wait to get CERTIFIED!"
– Joan Thomson / EcoBroker, GREEN, SRES / Woods Bros Realty - Nebraska

"I can attest that Feng Shui works and works fast! I Feng Shui all my listings, ask top dollar for them and get it. I'm currently enrolled in Suzee's CERTIFICATION program and love it. Quite frankly, Feng Shui has already branded me ahead of the competition. I'm looking forward now to networking with other REALTORS® knowledgeable in Feng Shui. Thanks, Suzee, for teaching me how to use Feng Shui the right way!"
– Kathy Luebcke, Broker / Owner, Intero Real Estate

"I have been listening to the Certification course
over and over. Great inspiration, and it is working
with my listings too! I sold over 30 million last year,
and am having another great year in real estate!!
All the best and Thank you!"

– Peggy Parker, Keller Williams - VA

"I am AWE INSPIRED by your certification course; it's incredible. I can't get enough of it!!! I've only been at it a short time and it has already improved the quality of my life, not to mention I'm having a lot of fun too!" – Robyn Wonnell, Certification Student - California

"Suzee, your Feng Shui Certification is the best approach to selling real estate that I have ever taken. I have found new energy! Since I sold the two properties that got me certified, I have feng shui'd two more homes... one just sold in 10 days! The seller is singing my praises and wants me to help her find another home to renovate with Feng Shui! Your program changes lives and works in any market. I cannot thank you enough!"

– Elwynn Schwartz, Feng Shui Certified Realtor, Chattanooga Real Estate Consultants - Tennessee

"You truly inspire me. Thank you for what you do, how you do it and what you share with all of us. You are living my dream - practicing what you teach, teaching, speaking and continually growing. I feel blessed to know you. I LOVE your Feng Shui Certification course! Keep up the good work!"
– Kathy Mays Interior Designer - CA

"Suzee your educational programs are phenomenal.
You are the only Author/Feng Shui Master that has
ever taught professionals how to apply Feng Shui
principles in real estate business. It's amazing how
powerful your Feng Shui techniques are in selling
property. In my opinion, your Feng Shui
CERTIFICATION course is as good as it gets"

– Kathy Collings, CRB, CRS Director of Tucker University
F.C. Tucker Co., Inc, INDIANA

"Your Feng Shui Certification course is fabulous!! I am listening to each program a couple of times while making notes, and I can’t tell you how much I have learned already and I'm just on CD # 3. As a Real Estate agent who is also a Certified Stager, your course is absolutely invaluable to both realtors and professional stagers.In the past, I have taken great pride in the interior staging, but with my “new feng shui" knowledge and your excellent teaching, I feel that this will tie everything together especially the land, plus putting the correct emphasis on the interior rooms. I am thrilled that your certification course information found its way to my email box. It is truly going to make a huge difference in my business."
– Diane Sutton, RE/MAX - VA

"I am living a magical and blessed life since learning about you and Feng Shui. My income is OFF THE CHARTS, my family and I enjoy 6 wks of vacation a year, we now own investment properties in the double digit numbers and best of all, my husband David and I, and our two children are enjoying the time of our lives! We wouldn't think of leasing, buying or living in a property that wasn't compatible with our Feng Shui elements!!!"
– Dinorah Carmenate - CA

"For the last 5 years our engineers and architects have been working in their best directions, and every year their production and our business has grown. Thank you for this powerful information. Your Feng Shui Certification course is fantastic!"
– Michelle Pettit, CEO, - PC Associates

"I have bought and read many books on feng shui and none of the books mentioned anything about the land. It wasn't until I received your Certification Course that I started to understand how important it is to feng shui the land. Your course definitely contains a lot of information that is lacking in all of the other books I have read. Again, thank you for all of your help!"
– Diane Elmore, Real Estate Appraiser Virginia

"I have been listening to the Certification course
over and over. Great inspiration, and it is working
"I am enjoying your Feng Shui CDs,
more than you can imagine. Being Feng Shui
Certified has already changed my life and
career in amazing ways!"

– Connie Thomas, Feng Shui CERTIFIED Stager - Louisiana

"I am a Geologist by trade, and recently got Feng Shui certified. I very much enjoyed this course, it is just what I have been looking for! I am a new mother who is currently on maternity leave; I'm doing Feng Shui as an advocation. Feng Shui allows me the opportunity to 'give back' and 'help others' locally as well as abroad, something I have always wanted to do!! I feel extremely blessed to have found this amazing certification program. I now have the flexibility to spend more time with my family, set my own hours, help others, meet many great people, be financially secure while owning my own business, what more could I ask for?

Thank you Suzee for your remarkable knowledge and for developing this Feng Shui course... you are truly an inspiration! I am having phenomenal success with your Feng Shui approach and techniques. It's exciting and thrilling, and I cannot thank you enough!!!"

– Nadene Hagen / Feng Shui Certified Consultant - Saskatchewan, Canada

"Hello Suzee, I am very happy to tell you that I received my package yesterday. I am starting my Feng Shui Certification course now. I'm very excited to be a part of your Feng Shui school. I listened to two cd's already and I'm very excited to do the course! I was so happy that you have a lay-away plan so that I can afford it. Thank you very much. God bless,"
– Myrna Lovett - Japan

"Thank you very much Suzee for bringing me to a higher level of service to people."
– Hanh Vo, Feng Shui Certified REALTOR, Coldwell Banker - PA

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