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Has the World gone MAD?

The rage, destruction, crisis, war, death toll and turmoil in the world has run amok with humanity, and there seems to be no end in sight.

Why, when Consciousness is rising on the SPIRITUAL plane, can so much SHA CHI energy still be happening on the material plane?

It may be unfathomable, but it is understandable in this WOOD HORSE year of wild swings and unpredictable outcomes. Perhaps you’ve learned about this already, in my 2014 FENG SHUI FORECAST e-book..?

This is not the free report I sent out to everyone in January.

This is a 22 page "detailed" analysis of solar changes, planetary shifts, earth disasters, world crisis, along with local and global predictions both negative and POSITIVE - through February 3, 2015.

If you haven’t already ordered it, here is what you need to know.

You can never get to an understanding of yourself, of the universe, and what it means to be a fully functioning human being, unless you get to the point of INNER PEACE, first.

AND, achieving and maintaining this - this year, is an almost impossible task without new skill and knowledge.

It's VITAL to your HEALTH, HAPPINESS and LIVELIHOOD that you maintain inner peace "at all cost" - through February 3, 2015.

If you have already ordered FENG SHUI FORECAST 2014, - I invite you re-read this comprehensive report, several times, so that you and your family can stay in HARMONY AND BALANCE mentally, emotionally, physically and financially, while seismic changes continue at a fast and furious pace.

By the way, SEVENTY PERCENT of the predictions I made in January of this year have already come to pass, including the stock market and the (outrageous) airline crashes. There is still time to learn about them, and time to prepare for or take advantage of the remaining 30%, in this educational program.

As with everything in Feng Shui, INNER PEACE starts with your home environment first.  Thus, I go into great detail on what is required of you this year - to come into harmonic alignment with your living space.


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