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QUESTION: I have a question regarding Feng Shui in the United States. I read in a Feng Shui book or article that if your front door is facing (for example) east in the US that since Feng Shui is basically an "eastern" (China) science that everything in your house would be opposite. Such as if your bedroom would be best in a southeast corner then in America it should put in the opposite area, which would be northwest. Is that correct, or would Feng Shui be the same as far as direction for anywhere the world - which means if your bed should be in the southeast corner according to your Feng Shui "chart" then it would be in the southeast corner anywhere in the world?

ANSWER: This is a very good question. I know Feng Shui can get VERY confusing as no two consultants, authors or masters see, view or do Feng Shui the same way. Some Feng Shui peers believe Kua numbers change in the Southern Hemisphere. I personally do not agree with this approach - but it does not mean it doesn't work, as I believe too, that a Feng Shui consultant's INTENTION and commitment to his or her belief is powerful enough to change energy. I also believe a client's faith and trust (or lack thereof) in their consultant (or favorite book) also dictates the quality and degree of Feng Shui results one will, or will not, experience.

Irrespective of the approach you decide to take, it's important to keep in mind that each Element (person) has 4 Empowerment directions that support them, and 4 that do not, this applies to gua areas of one's home as well. So the answer, regardless of your election, is not so cut and dry. Also, your question governs ONE school of Feng Shui only. I believe in the integration of schools, and that many layers and/or approaches are not only necessary, but also paramount to the creation of good Feng Shui!

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