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QUESTION: What colors do I use in my bedroom?

ANSWER: The "over use" of dark or bright colors (paint on walls) can be harmful to one's health, rest and energy. I recommend painting bedroom walls soft "soothing" neutral colors, then add in the 5 elements via accent and decor items to create balance.

QUESTION: Where do I put the bagua: facing my front door, or on the outside of the door? I am very confused about this.

ANSWER: You will want to place it over the entire house facing the "main" entrance door.

QUESTION: For good finances, I put a plant with rounded leaves to the left of the front door and a red envelope with American coins in it. Must the coins be Chinese coins? Are these good things to do to improve my finances?

ANSWER: None of the above will help your finances unless you BELIEVE they will. They have everything to do with the Chinese culture and tradition, and little to do with Feng Shui.

QUESTION: We had to sell our beautiful house and have lived in an apartment for the past 7 years. Financially we have lost a lot. What am I not doing right?

ANSWER: This is a difficult question to answer not knowing more about the circumstances of your life and career. However, for starters, I would start by honoring your career, wealth and health directions to raise your "personal" chi (energy), so that you can begin to turn things around with less effort.

QUESTION: I will be sharing a tiny office (approx. 6' x 8.5') with 2 co-workers soon. My desk will be less than 1 foot from the doorway and none of us will have any privacy. Also, we work in a hospital, on a patient floor so our door has to be open during work hours. How can I protect myself and not feel on display at all times?

ANSWER: This is an almost impossible situation to remedy. The only recommendation I can make is to leave the office door 2/3rds open to slow down and redirect Chi. Typically, people who sit this close to a door do not stay long as it's impossible to complete work and tasks on time, to handle the chaotic "energy" racing at them, and/or to feel supported by the environment.

QUESTION: I have a large round decorative mirror. Can I hang it above my bed.

ANSWER: Not only is it a dangerous placement, but it also prevents a restful night's sleep.

QUESTION: My house faces north west, is that good?

ANSWER: It depends on your "personal" Feng Shui element, the exact NW compass degree reading and the year of completion of your house.

QUESTION: I have some bamboo that is at the end of it's life. It was given to me by my daughter about six years ago. It's energy has brought me much financial success. I bought two new plants but have not disregarded the old one. Should I get rid of the dying one? If yes, how? Compost, garbage, other? I want to keep positive energy.

ANSWER: Yes. You do not want anything dead or dying in your inner or outer environment. You can bless it and dispose of it any way you want, and still maintain positive energy.

QUESTION: Where is love the strongest?

ANSWER: A balanced environment exudes peace, harmony and LOVE. Therefore, I suggest you learn the basic tenants and principles of Feng Shui and apply them to every room in your work and living environment, if you seek "more" LOVE and joy in your life.

QUESTION: How can I meet and be with my soulmate?

ANSWER: In Feng Shui we balance 5 elements, Yin/Yang and Chi so that we are empowered to "come from" the things we desire. Thus the goal is to "become" the ideal soulmate you seek, so that your beloved can find you.

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