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A Thorn in the Side

TRUTH: A thorn can be a positive or negative in Feng Shui!

Thorns represent the FIRE element. In your garden, plants with thorns in the "Fame and Fortune" gua represent a perfect placement, such as cactus, rose bushes, bougainvillea and other plants with thorns. The opposite is true of thorny plants and vines located in the "Partnership/Marriage", "Friendly Relations/Benefactors" , "Health/Family", "Wealth" and "Career" gua areas of the land. Be mindful of your garden, for the placement of a simple plant may cause you a thorn-in-the-side in a correlating area of your life!

TIP: Roses are perceived as flowers of love even though they have thorns, whereas a cactus is not perceived as warm and loving. Therefore it’s not the thorn that is negative energy, but rather our perception of the thorn. Change your perception of thorns to FIRE, and you will enhance not only your life and career, but also your reputation!

INTENTION: I am supported by thorns and flowers in my garden; they add beauty and balance to my life and career. I am supported and embraced by nature in every magnificent way!

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