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Feng Shui T- Intersections

Question: My main door office faces two streets. Is this bad fengshui? What should I do to improve it?

Answer: To face two streets at the same time sounds like your office is located at a 'T' intersection or crossing. If so, this may not necessarily be a bad thing. Most people know that a house located at a T intersection is BAD Feng Shui and VERY difficult on the lives of the occupants.

However, the opposite is true for alot of businesses such as retail stores, real estate companies and/or a service related businesses such as restaurants and hotels, where we want active Chi – people's buying power – flowing "into" the business. Conversely, it would not be a good location for a re-hab, yoga center, school, library, church or cemetary where peace, healing and/or safety is the primary objective.

To remedy this situation is not easy to accomplish in a commercial location, unless you own the building and can build a birm, wall or can place a statue/fountain to block the agressive Chi. If you do not own the building, then I suggest you decorate the inside of your office with furniture that blocks or slows down the flow of energy.

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