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Feng Shui vs. Chinese Superstition

Question: I have many cures in my home and nothing is working. I have wind chimes on the porch, two "fu dogs" at the front door, a wind chime in a long hallway, a crystal over the couch, a money frog, a money pot, red tape under the bathroom sink, and still no luck. My money seems to be washing down the drain. My finances are getting smaller while my debts are increasing. What can I change and what am I doing wrong?

Answer: Sad to say none of the above mentioned items and/or placements have anything to do with creating spatial harmony and balance, nor are they related to Feng Shui. You are embracing Chinese cultural beliefs and icons that may or may not work, even if you are Chinese.

If you have read more than one book on Feng Shui, confusion is likely to occur. Simply stated, Feng Shui is the study of ENERGY and how energy flows in, around and through an environment. To achieve balance, harmony and good fortune in your life, I suggest that you start by space-clearing your environment first (removing clutter and debris). Next, you will want to learn how to apply Feng Shui principles, correctly, to your home and work environment.

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Feng Shui is NOT about philosophy, astrology, religion or superstition.
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