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Feng Shui vs. Superstition

TRUTH: Most of what you think Feng Shui is... IS NOT!

Crystal balls, frogs, Fu dogs, dragons, turtles, laughing Buddhas, special pebbles, red envelopes, flutes, immortal figurines (Fuk, Luk & Sau), Ba-gua mirrors, coins, red streamers etc. are part of Chinese tradition and culture, not Feng Shui. The Chinese, by nature, are superstitious people and believe objects and icons bring good or bad fortune.

Belief is a powerful dynamic. Thus objects & icons that belong to the Chinese culture, can bring peace, faith and even good fortune to those who believe in them. However to other cultures and religions, often times the opposite is true.

TIP: Less than 10% of the Chinese population in China, believe or practice any form of religion… not even Buddhism!

INTENTION: I appreciate the Chinese culture along with their beliefs and traditions. However, I am centered in TRUTH as the source of my prosperity and good fortune.

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