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Each flower in the presentation below was filmed for TWO days and then the photos were collated within 7 MINUTES to get the MAGNIFICENT Spring effect. Click on the first flower to view them all. 

La vida de las flores

Your LIFE and Career can be as COLORFUL, as Beautiful and as Powerful as Nature too. 

The goal of good Feng Shui is to create living, work and garden environments that support, nurture and empower your dreams, goals and intentions with .. effortless ease and grace.

The Monico family has been doing this "consistently" for THREE years, and their childrens' health and their careers have bloomed and blossomed in magnificent and miraculous ways. 

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Feng Shui is NOT about philosophy, astrology, religion or superstition.
It is the Study of ENERGY (Quantum Physics), and how energy affects lives,
homes, offices, listings and careers.

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