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Feng Shui Space Clearing

QUESTION: How can I begin to remove clutter? Also, once I remove the clutter what can I hope to expect?

ANSWER: This is a very good question that affects all of us, in one way or another.

Because there is no separation in "Energy," everything piece of paper, decor item, furnishing, photo and clothing in one's environment has an "invisible" cord of energy into one's body. Because of this, a person living with a lot of "clutter and stuff" in their home, bedroom or office, often times feels IMMOBILIZED and/or STUCK in one or more areas of their life.

For adults, the most obvious signs are recurring: cash flow, business, health, weight, sex and relationship problems. For children it can range from weight, laziness, lethargy, poor concentration and agitation to bad grades in school. Also, it's not uncommon for both children and adults to feel hollow, empty, lonely and lost... DEPRESSION.

When one is out of Balance and feels this way, doing anything "positive" or "productive" can feel like it requires a monumental act of strength, when all that exists is "depletion." Thus I suggest starting with baby steps, first, by removing ONE small box a day from your environment.

If you do this, within 30 days, you will feel like a "tremendous weight" has been REMOVED from your life. Too, the beneficial outcome is Phenomenal and Fast. Within thirty days, you can look forward to enjoying MORE:

  • LOVE
  • FLOW


Here are a few POWERFUL "space clearing" TIPS:

1. GIVE IT AWAY: If you haven't had something on your body in 2 yrs, consider that it's no longer yours, and that it belongs to someone new. This includes children's toys too. (The "Goodwill" is an appropriate name, and a good place to start).

2. BURN IT AWAY: If your "stuff" looks beat-up, old, smells bad, or appears poor – no one else wants it either.

3. GIFT IT AWAY: Why wait until you die to "gift" friends, family and loved ones your treasures? Give the gift of Love NOW so that you can experience the "true" gift of giving. Nothing is more beautiful than watching faces light-up with "appreciation and joy."

4. STORE IT AWAY: Rent a small storage unit if you have too, and remove off season clothing and sports equipment, mementos, papers, files, and other things you "feel" that you cannot part with. Get it out of your SPACE, so you can open up "new" pathways for Blessings and Abundance to enter your life.

5. THROW IT AWAY: Sometimes the things we own, own us. This can range from "old" love letters and gifts from people who are no longer in our lives – to "cash flow negatives" or expensive things like cars and houses we no longer can afford, or that no longer bring us joy. I encourage you to take a Leap of Faith and throw away the illusions of love, security and wealth.

No one said SPACE CLEARING or the REMOVAL of CLUTTER is easy, but it is truly LIFE TRANSFORMING.

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