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It can "stream or scream."

It can be auspicious or destructive... like a gentle soothing, nurturing, life-giving breeze or like an inferno.

This year, WOOD and FIRE are the dominating elements. With wood being very COMBUSTIBLE, you can expect conflicts, disputes, eruptions, fires and explosions to occur. It’s a very challenging year for wood and fire element people; however, none of us are immune to turmoil and unrest this year - not UNTIL we know what to do and how to do it.

ENERGETICALLY speaking, it’s a crazy year that requires a lot of "personal" commitment and focus.

Yang wood is unbending, stubborn, headstrong, and uncompromising. Combined with the amount of Fire represented by the HORSE, this year can produce some difficult situations both personally and on the world stage.

However, there is always a YIN to every YANG. So, the good news IS, once you and your environment are in BALANCE, 2014 can be a great year for enjoying FUN, adventure, growth, career advancement, love and ”a couple dozen” other exciting and thrilling things.



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A few client comments on Suzee's Feng Shui FORECAST:

The things you mentioned are definitely presenting here but I am working on being in balance. I appreciate and look forward to your Feng Shui predictions every year. Thank you.”
Shelly Biggs, Business Entrepreneur

“I like the format of your presentation this year, even better than last year’s and last year’s forecast was spot on! Ace work Suzee.”
Randy Tyler, Physicist

”WOW!  So much you predicted has already come true. I’m living with 2 FIRE element people and it’s been anything but an easy time! I adore them but without your wisdom and advise, I don’t know what I would do. From the bottom of my heart I thank you Suzee for being YOU.”
Karen Komenkul, Homemaker




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