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Sha Chi

Question: How do I avoid bad chi that flows from an opening between two buildings? It faces directly at my door and also has sharp edges from the roof and corner of the building.

Answer: A lot depends on how close your home/building is located from the opening between the two other buildings. What you are describing is a poison arrow... a fast moving pathway of energy... that can wreak havoc with your health and finances.

The goal is to slow down "fast" energy and divert it, while not causing injury to your neighbors in the process. This is one of the few times I suggest using a mirror as remedy... a convex mirror... aimed at the pathway as well as boulders and shrubs in the landscape if possible to block and slow down the Chi. A wind chime located at the eve line is also an appropriate placement. A wind chime is used to disburse Sha Chi.

Question: We have been trying to sell our old home for over a year. We have built a new home a short distance away. The house is empty it is a beautiful older home with lots of beautiful woodwork. The front door faces West. What can I do to help move things along to sell the house?

Answer: Vacant houses are difficult to sell. They become SHA... stale, stuck chaotic energy. I suggest adding some items of furniture throughout the house, along with colorful towels, potpourri, candles and a few plants (silk or real), as well as artwork on the walls.

Buyers fall in love with a beautiful and peaceful way of life, not with structures/buildings. It is difficult for people, in general, to visualize a way of life in empty space. Also, houses appear smaller when vacant than when furnished. I suggest you do everything possible to bring LIFE back into your abandoned house... this includes color in the garden as well.

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