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Creating a Sacred Space

TRUTH: Sacred space replenishes our body, mind and soul.

The most important YIN room in the house is your bedroom. It’s a sanctuary for rest, sleep, play, dress and for your dreams. Thus it’s important to create sacred space in this room by balancing the 5 elements and incorporating soft, clean, fresh fabrics, (high thread count) linens, pillows, comforters and sleep wear. Creating a Zen-like environment without clutter, without loud noise, without harsh colors and/or offensive scents/odors allows the body, mind and soul to replenish itself at the cellular level.

TIP: The ideal YIN bedroom is one that is void of kitty litter, dirty clothes, offensive artwork, computers, files and exposed electronic wires and TVs. Soft (romantic) music or a fountain is appropriate and healing for cellular rejuvenation.

INTENTION: I am soothed, healed and embraced by gentle Chi – ENERGY – in my bedroom. I awake rested and refreshed, to take on the world in a powerful and empowering way.

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