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Feng Shui Questions & Answers • Part II

QUESTION: I've enjoyed and learned so much from your CD for my Feng Shui element, which is Water. I understand the 8 mansions, but how does the use of color for my element affect each room (such as the bedroom)?

ANSWER: Every room in a home (or building) needs to have all 5 elements visually present and in balance, regardless of one's Feng Shui element.

QUESTION: Hello, I love your site and thank you for all the great information! I purchased the download for the Element. My question is does it change every year?

ANSWER: Good question. No, the information regarding your Feng Shui Element (which includes best houses, colors, directions etc.) DOES NOT change from year to year, only a building's energy changes!

QUESTION: Hi Suzee I have enjoyed your website for a while now. My question is my element is Mother Earth and my girlfriend's is Mountain Earth could you please tell me the difference. I have never heard of Mountain Earth.

>ANSWER: In "Classical" (or sophisticated) Feng Shui there are 2 Earths, 2 Woods, 2 Metals, Fire and Water... 8 Elements total. In Chinese, your element "Mountain Earth" is called Ken (youngest son), and "Mother Earth" (oldest woman) is called K'un.

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QUESTION: My house is located on a "T" intersection, front door directly facing the on coming street. Our family has been through a lot – rebuilding house due to hurricane Katrina, losing our business to the same storm, and consequently in very bad financial situation, plus my husband in poor health and needing 24/7 care. However, despite this, I have been very lucky with family and relationship aspect of life. It would be nice though if I can get out of this financial burden. Is this house unlucky for us because of its location (T intersection)?


QUESTION: I have searched and cannot find an answer so I hope you will entertain my question. We have a master bedroom that is rectangular in shape and has a slanted ceiling. That is, one long wall is about 8 ft. higher than the opposite wall and has two large windows near the ceiling. Our bed is positioned along the wall opposite the taller wall. The room has a fireplace at the short end of the room. Ever since we have lived here, health issues have increased and wealth has decreased. Would you give us some tips to remedy this room? I am willing to try anything?

ANSWER: Whether the difference is 8 inches or 8 feet, the compression from downward Chi "activity" from the sloped ceiling to the lower wall is wreaking havoc with your health. Thus, you DO NOT want to sleep with your heads against the lower wall. If this is not an option, you will want to place a fan or crystal light fixture centered on the ceiling, to "spin" or "refract" chi away from you. When one's health and energy is good, the ability to attract and make money increases as well. (The first recommendation is the safest, and the best remedy).

QUESTION: I work in a 2-person office. Although we each have our own small offices, the other person is very negative. I keep my office uncluttered and bright – his office is full of junk and there's no window, so it's not so bright. My question is how can I keep his negativity away from me? I feel it is affecting my ability to make money.

ANSWER: Your peace of mind and state of well-being is VERY important. I would not hesitate to move your office location as it takes a lot of energy – YOURS – to overcome "constant" negativity and (visual) chaos.

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