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QUESTION: I have a storage building in my back yard in my money corner, what can I do to enhance this corner to work for me?

ANSWER: I have a client who painted a shed in their WEALTH gua a beautiful floral scene and another client painted one a "rich" looking gold and purple; both increased opportunities and finances amazingly FAST. The bottom line is... it has to look WEALTHY and/or ABUNDANT to attract "like" energy back.

QUESTION: What can I do if my husband is a West group person and I am an East Group person?

ANSWER: I would learn about each other's "essence" so that you can understand one another's persona, mind and and emotions. Opposites do attract, but it takes more work (usually) to see things the same way. I suggest listening to each other's Feng Shui Element "together" as a loving act of acceptance.

QUESTION: What one object can I place in my bedroom that will promote a new love relationship to come?

ANSWER: There is no "one" object better than another. What is important is for your bedroom to "exude" love, sensuality, sexuality and sacredness. I would also set the INTENTION for a partner by adding aesthetic "pairs" of things to your abode as well.

QUESTION: When you have a bath/laundry room located in the romance area of your home, what do you do?

ANSWER: Simply keep it lovely, fragrant and fresh. The washer and dryer are a GOOD symbol for a "pair" of things; however, you can leave a "his and her" towel out as well.

QUESTION: I'm confused. Do you need to redo Feng Shui remedies and enhancements annually or just once?

ANSWER: This is a good Question. Once you remedy and enhance the UNSEEN "energy" of your home or office (based on year of construction and exact compass degrees of the sitting & facing directions) - this ENERGY does NOT change. However, annually, we experience "visiting" or "new" Universal energy patterns that affect us. It is this energy that needs to be remedied and or enhanced on an annual basis.

QUESTION: Kindly, please let me know what is my best sleeping direction.

ANSWER: It depends on your gender and DOB. You will find this on your Feng Shui Element as well.

QUESTION: What is my Element for love and success?

ANSWER: The answer can be answered with a question: What are your "best" "directions" for love and success? Again, it is based on your gender and DOB. (Click here if you have not already ordered your Feng Shui Element. It is without a doubt, the single best gift you can give yourself, or a loved one).

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