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Question: It is said that keeping the front door open brings in opportunities. What if the Front door is say in the NE where the 5 yellow is located?

Answer: Please keep in mind that there is more than one school of Feng Shui, and that placing value in just one approach can be not only frustrating, but also stressful and frightening. You do not need to keep your front door open, nor do you need to worry about the 5 Yellow Star... bad energy coming in. The most important thing is for you to enjoy your home without fear, doubt or worry. For starters, you can do this by simply balancing the five elements in your environment and by removing clutter.

Question: My backyard is a triangle shape, narrow in the back and very wide in the front. I was told not to put up a fence, but my neighbors on both sides are putting fences up. What should I do?

Answer: Feng Shui is an Earth art and science. Thus a lot shaped like this typically means you have the ability to pull money into your life, but not necessarily the ability to keep or grow it. Also, relationships can be difficult with this lot configuration, as it is missing a BIG section of "Partnership and Marriage." Add objects of motion, and use positive AFFIRMATION / INTENTION to overcome this situation, if moving is not an option.

Question: How do I stop the flow of financial abundance flowing down my sloping lot?

Answer: The answer to this question depends on several factors, such as the shape of your lot, the location of your lot, how steep the slope is and the surrounding environment in general. Click here for more information on advanced Feng Shui of the land which includes... location, and buildings. In the meantime, INTEND Abundance flowing into your life, not out!

Question: Is there a Feng Shui remedy to help with feelings of fear and worry?

Answer: Feng Shui creates a safe and embracing environment that supports one's dreams, goals and intentions. In essence, Feng Shui is the LAW of ATTRACTION. However, I believe it's the begin all, not the end all! Thus, I recommend watching or reading THE SECRET to help change your "perception" of life as dangerous and/or limited. THE SECRET will provide you with valuable tools to help change your thinking, for it's your "thoughts" that create fear-based feelings. So to change a negative belief pattern, you will want to watch THE SECRET on DVD at least 6 times. Repetition is required to reprogram the neurotransmitters in the brain (turn a negative into a positive) You can order it at Amazon.com by clicking here.

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