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Feng Shui Peace, Harmony and Prosperity

Question: I want more peace and harmony in my life, yet still be successful at the same time. How can I accomplish this?

Answer: Feng Shui is about creating MORE peace, harmony and balance in one's life. It's akin to the age old question... "what came first, the chicken or the egg?" In Feng Shui, the environment ALWAYS comes first. When your environment supports you, good fortune and success follow.

Creating a peaceful and harmonically balanced environment takes in to consideration two Chinese principles: YIN/YANG and the Five Elements. Yin/Yang refers to the right combination of polarities... i.e. light/dark, soft/hard, active/passive energies within a space. The five elements in what we call a "productive" cycle is what makes us say: "Ahhhh... this feels good – I could stay here forever."

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