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Office Feng Shui and Workplace Harmony

Question: What can I do to improve business and experience less jealousy in the work environment?

Answer: I don't know what type of business you are in but I suggest that you start by space clearing your office environment first. This includes the removal of clutter... excess furniture, old files, papers and miscellaneous "things" - to increase the dynamic flow of life force energy. LESS is MORE in Feng Shui... "less" will free you from struggle, conflict & stuckness; it will also open up new pathways of opportunity and abundance.

In addition, learn how to be a FRIEND - become kinder and friendlier, and hold in consciousness "only" positive & loving thoughts, feelings, actions and words. To criticize or shame others will not only create more chaos in your life, but it will also cut you off from the "limitless" supply of blessings and abundance that is available to you. When you become what you want others to be, they will be. Every issue and challenge in your personal and professional life is always about SELF.

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