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The Movement of Chi

TRUTH: Motion moves Chi… ENERGY. Place items in your side and back yards to create motion and that have eye catching appeal. Examples: garden gazing balls, pinwheels, wind socks, hand painted garden stakes, windmills, wind chimes and/or light refracted objects & bangles. Motion helps energy flow, instead of getting stuck, static and/or chaotic; it's also an important chi enhancer for "odd" shaped lots. When energy flows gently, it embraces and supports every aspect of our lives. It also protects and shelters property from unwanted elements.

TIP: Creating motion in your garden lifts the spirit and creates the room for playful partners!

INTENTION: My life is filled with radiant motion. I AM playful and receptive, giving and gracious. I AM a Universal attractant of love, health and good fortune.

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Feng Shui is NOT about philosophy, astrology, religion or superstition.
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