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Question: What area should I enhance to attract a new home? We live in an apartment and are ready to buy a house, but there are few choices.

Answer: If you are a family, you will want to enhance the HEALTH & FAMILY GUA area of your apartment. If you are a couple, enhance the PARTNERSHIP & MARRIAGE. Do this along with the SPIRITUALITY & KNOWLEDGE gua area so that you make a wise and informed decision on the right property to buy.

Question: My stove is gas and is in the North West. Any cure besides moving it?

Answer: You have nothing to worry about, you are reading/learning (superstitious) Chinese beliefs. If you are worried, set the INTENTION that your life and home are in perfect balance and harmony.

Question: I am designing my kitchen for a new house and the only place for the oven, microwave and warming drawer is next to the refrigerator. Is this good Feng Shui?

Answer: The elements Fire and Water this close to each other in a kitchen is not good, healthy or safe Feng Shui.

Question: If you were building a new home, what would be better? 1 or 2 story? My client is looking at 4,000 SF.

Answer: The environment, location of the property, the shape of the lot and the floor plan are what matters the most!

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