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Mirrors and Feng Shui

TRUTH: Mirrors reflect energy.

There are many schools and approaches to Feng Shui. One is called Black Hat Feng Shui which uses a lot of mirrors for remedies and enhancements. Black Hat Feng Shui has brought more awareness to the practice of Feng Shui than all the other schools combined, for which I am deeply grateful.

However, I am not an advocate of the use of mirrors to "pull-in" energy i.e. a missing gua or a missing corner. Mirrors, by nature, "reflect" energy, they do not pull energy in. Thus if you place a mirror on a wall facing an entrance door, you actually push Chi, blessings, and opportunity out... not in.

A lovely bouquet of flowers on a table or a painting on the wall is a more appropriate Feng Shui placement in the above scenario. Also, too many mirrors (reflecting) in an environment can create chaotic energy - Sha Chi, which can be detrimental to one's health and emotional well being.

TIP: If you work with your back to an office door or need to sleep against the same wall as the entrance door to your bedroom, due to poor space planning or to honor one of your best directions, a small mirror on the opposite wall is "appropriate." This placement helps one to feel safe - not taken by surprise should someone enter the room - as it reflects motion.

INTENTION: I pull into my life "Positive" life force energy, and I reflect back to others… peace, harmony and balance in all I say, act and do. I am grateful to be alive, supported and embraced by Feng Shui.

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