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Lo-Shu FLYING STARS Feng Shui..!

QUESTION:  My house was built in period 7 and it faces South 1. The natal flying stars show that the water star number 8 falls in the NE. I would like to know if it is safe to place a water fountain in my garden in the NE area for prosperity?

ANSWER:  Flying Stars Feng Shui deals with the UNSEEN energy "within" an environment only. However, there are directional areas outside, on an "annual" basis, where Mother Earth is best not disturbed. Nonetheless, with professional help, this can be remedied as well. 

QUESTION:  Dear Suzee, We are living in a house facing east, number 14, we have experienced death, family and financial struggle, we are thinking of moving to a house next to it toward the north with the number 9. I am born on 11 June 1971, and my husband was born 23 January 1978, we are expecting our 1st baby soon. Please help with the decision of house movement prior to delivery in December. Thank you.

ANSWER:  Some people, especially those of Asian descent, are affected by numbers more than others. The number 9 is an auspicious number in Feng Shui, Numerology and to the Chinese culture as well.  My suggestion is for you to follow your heart and trust what feels best for you and your baby, as both homes appear to be WEST "sitting" - which supports your Mother Earth husband's ability to earn money. 

QUESTION:  I am an east person and my house is west, therefore my good personal directions are opposite to the good locations in my house. Can I not increase the Feng Shui in the good house locations to benefit me if my direction is opposite?

ANSWER:  Unfortunately, there is no "simple" answer to your question.  Much depends on the STARS located at the heart of your house as well as in your bedroom and at the entrance door. For example, I have  EAST group clients' living in West group houses as well as West group people living in East group houses who are doing "exceptionally" well in life.  Thus the environment, elevation, lot, floor plan, the Ba-gua location of rooms, year of construction and compass degrees are ALL important considerations in the creation of "good" Feng Shui as well. 

To find out if the home, condo or apartment that you are living is is HEALTHY for you - I suggest consulting with an expert in your area or feel free to click here and I will be happy to review everything mentioned above, and consult with you one-on-one via a phone or Skype consultation.

QUESTION:  We added onto our home about 3 years ago. To get to our back door, that is the most accessed, you have to go through a courtyard that is not finished (we cannot afford to do it now, recession hit). There is a fountain that is dry and it pretty much looks rather dead in that corridor. Since we added on, our finances have gone down hill in a big way. I am very new to this and any advice would be much appreciated.

ANSWER:  I cannot comment on the addition as to whether or not it created a missing corner or an extension without seeing it; however, I can tell you without reservation, that the condition of your land/landscape is a governing factor in the state of your financial affairs. You might want to reread your question to better understand why WEALTH and ABUNDANCE are not present in your life, as everything in Feng Shui is a metaphor for what is or isn't happening in your life. To learn how to Feng Shui your home and land on your own - check out this link.


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