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Feng Shui and the Law of Attraction

Question: I have been a hard worker all my life, but I am never monetarily looked after. I feel it is my fate as others who work less then me often end up getting more perks, etc. I want to improve this as i need to think of my children's future. How can I do this?

Answer: The Universe can only deliver to us what we hold in consciousness. In life we have the option to choose to be victimized, or victorious. In reality, NO person, place, or condition is our source of wealth, happiness, health or abundance. Our thoughts and emotions along with our connection to the divine, dictates our destiny... minute by minute. When we focus on what we are grateful and thankful for instead of what is lacking in our lives, the Universe will deliver to us more things to be grateful and thankful for... it's called the LAW of ATTRACTION. I highly recommend viewing the DVD... THE SECRET, as it will teach you simple and fun ways to turn your existing "fate" into immediate... good fortune.

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