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Feng Shui Tips to Improve Your Destiny

QUESTION: Where should my office be located in my home for the best results of income generation?

ANSWER: Whenever possible, you will want to place your office in one of your four "best" gua areas. To increase productivity and to "reduce" stress, you will also want to "face" at least 2 out of 4 of your power directions when working. (You can check the link on the right if you do not know your element or best guas and directions)

QUESTION: Should you be facing your house to determine which side is the left side?

ANSWER: In form school Feng Shui, it is determined from the inside looking out. For other aspects of Feng Shui, "typically" it is recommended to stand outside looking towards the property.

QUESTION I have fireplace in far right corner in my house which is our relationship corner, my question is what kind of painting should I hang on the top of fireplace wall?

ANSWER: The element FIRE can "ignite or destroy." Therefore, I suggest setting the INTENTION that your fireplace is igniting and "lighting up" your love life in blessed and wondrous ways. A "couples" piece of artwork would be an appropriate placement over the mantle as well...i.e. a man and woman dancing, kissing or embracing.

QUESTION: Is black granite flooring for the entire house, ok as per Feng Shui?

ANSWER: It depends on the "unseen" energy (Lo-shu) of your property. Also, black represents the Water element, and too much water can "put out" your Health, Wealth and Fortune if located in wrong "gua" areas. In addition, it is not "good" Feng Shui to have an "over dominant" element in any environment. Creating and maintaining BALANCE is one of the basic tenants of this ancient art and science, thus the five elements need to "visually" appear equal.

QUESTION: How do you rid your home with years of clutter?

ANSWER: Clutter is the first indication of one being out-of-balance. It's easy to feel overwhelmed when living in an environment filled with "stuff." Therefore, I recommend taking baby steps by removing of one small to medium size box (clutter) a day. Removing one box a day is less overwhelming than thinking about removing 30 boxes, yet at the end of the month the outcome is the same. Too, the joy and pride you will feel by removing 30 boxes of "clutter," will motivate you to continue "space clearing" until you feel completely LIBERATED... inside and out.

QUESTION: What is quiet metal?

ANSWER: I believe you mean what is "soft" or "small" metal. It is one of the 8 elements in Classical Feng Shui.

QUESTION: I just purchased a foreclosure home. 2 of my inauspicious directions are where either the master bedroom or office must go. How do I overcome this?

ANSWER: You CANNOT remedy this situation without major remodeling. All you can do at this point is to try to honor your best health and career directions while sleeping and working. A consultation to remedy the "unseen" energy would also be beneficial for you as well, so that you do not inherit the former owner's energy and/or problems...as there is no separation in energy!

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