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QUESTION: When you Feng Shui a home and the home is on a flag lot do you hold the Ba-Gua facing the front of the house and not at the front of the property?

ANSWER: Good Question. You treat the house and the lot as two separate Ba-Guas! Also, you will want to "ignore" the extended portion of the land and overlay the Ba-gua over the "majority" of the lot (which is usually rectangular or square), and treat the extension (drive) appropriately.

QUESTION: What is the best way to balance any room to have positive energy that you spend a lot of time in but don't necessarily own?

ANSWER: "Space clearing" is the starting point to creating "good" Feng Shui – POSITIVE ENERGY. After you remove clutter and debris, you will want to BALANCE the 5 elements in each room. If you do not know how to do this you can get a book from the library or order MYTH, MAGIC and REALITY.

QUESTION: Is having my lot back up to a golf course view bad Feng Shui?

ANSWER: How many "poor" people live on golf courses? The answer is not many! Not that money is everything, but without it, most people cannot fully express themselves, nor can they inspire others.

QUESTION: If you had only one thing you could do to improve a missing wealth corner, where the outside corner just has an overhead wooden arbor but not walls nor a solid cover, what would it be?

ANSWER: You do not need walls or a solid cover, if the Arbor (stated above) squares the "missing" section off!

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