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Best Feng Shui Dates for Important Occasions

QUESTION:  What is the best Feng Shui date in June 2012 to have a wedding?

ANSWER:  This is determined by the combination of your birthday and your future spouse's birth date.  If you email me your DOBs, I will be happy to provide you with a few dates.

QUESTION:  I am building a house and I would like to put crystals into the foundation to reinforce the positive energy, what do you think of this idea?

ANSWER: I recommend it all the time!  Also, if you like, you can overlay the BA-GUA on the foundation and honor the colors of each gua area with respective colored crystals and stones. Click here to get a F.REE Ba-gua with recommended colors. You will want to use clear quartz crystals in the CREATIVITY gua.

QUESTION:  What type of headboard is desired for a peaceful and restorative sleep?  My bed faces two beautiful windows. I am on a fixed income and watch Craigs List for furniture. I have Multiple Sclerosis. I am a single 56 year old mom with 14 year old son. Trying to learn and teach serenity.

ANSWER:  If you are a WOOD or FIRE element person - a fabric or wood headboard is favored.  EARTH and METAL element people can use a combination of wood & metal, stone (faux or real) or an all metal headboard. Water element people favor laminate, fabric or metal headboards.

For your health, I recommend a SOLID headboard to support you. Likewise, with your health challenge, I recommend sleeping in your best health direction. Your bedroom should also be clutter free and neutral or pastel in color. This will help create a peaceful and serene environment.

QUESTION:  How do I improve my career, memory and communication?

ANSWER:  A clutter free home and work environment is the first place to start .. before you Feng Shui.

The specific gua quadrants you want to "lift" the CHI in to attain your goals are CAREER, SPIRITUALITY/KNOWLEDGE and HEALTH. You can do this by placing items or photos in each of these areas that represent your career and brain power. Also, when you honor your best "vision directions" for career, health and communication you IMPROVE the odds ten-fold!

You can learn this and more by listening to your Feng Shui Element audio. I recommend that everyone listen to their Feng Shui Element "at least once or twice a year," as it's packed-full of important information that we either forget or get lazy to do.

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