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Important Feng Shui Questions • Part II

QUESTION: Is it ok to have an 8 in the house address?

ANSWER: Yes. An 8 is a very auspicious number - it represents PRESENT money and good fortune.

QUESTION: Where is the best location in the house for a bedroom?

ANSWER: The best location for bedrooms, from a Feng Shui perspective, is towards the back or rear of a house. Whenever possible, it good to sleep in one of your favorable gua areas and/or at least make sure your headboard faces one of your best directions.

QUESTION: My husband and I are east people but our front door faces west. The money seems to flow out as fast as it flows in. Could the two things be related and how do we fix it.

ANSWER: Actually, you have described one the best "sitting" directions of a property for an EAST group person, one that supports both health and money. Thus I would look closely at your yard (garden) and at the condition of the gua areas inside your home for "clues and answers" to your question. The shape and/or location of your lot could shed some light on the problems you are experiencing as well.

QUESTION: Is it good idea to have a picture of the ocean above your bed?

ANSWER: No. It's better to have something soft, sensual and/or peaceful above your head while you sleep. You might want to try a field of flowers (even just 2 flowers in bloom) or a romantic piece of artwork instead.

QUESTION: How can I get pregnant this year?

ANSWER: This and more is available in our Feng Shui Forecast.

QUESTION: How can we achieve balance with children (with bad attitudes)? We have a missing relationship corner, is this relevant?

ANSWER: Yes this is relevant when factoring in Western Ba-gua Feng Shui. A missing Partnership gua can wreak havoc on your marriage and on all relationships. You will want to square off the missing section (outside) to contain the energy. If this is not possible due to living in an apartment or high-rise, then set the INTENTION that you are unaffected by it.

QUESTION: What is the best way to go about enhancing my home to create better health for my family?

ANSWER: If you live in a detached home, you will want to make sure that the "family" gua area (outside) is clean and green. Inside, you will want to make sure this gua area of living space is "fresh, clean and uncluttered" at all times. A healthy green plant is a good placement in the HEALTH gua area of your home as well.

QUESTION: Is it acceptable to have a swimming pool in the wealth corner of my lot?

ANSWER: This is an excellent placement for a pool! I would also add vibrant pots of colorful plants and flowers too.

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