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How to use the Ba-gua (bagua) in Feng Shui

QUESTION:  Where do I get a bagua and where do I put it - by the front door?

ANSWER:   You can click here to get a F.REE (Western) Ba-gua emailed to you today.

The easiest thing to do is to divide your floor plan into 9 squares, and super-impose the Ba-gua over it. The next step is to Feng Shui from the door "most accessed" on a daily basis.  To learn how to correctly balance the five elements or how to identify, remedy and/or enhance missing corners, extensions and other important considerations of Feng Shui click here.

QUESTION:  I have a toilet and a small store room in the south west area in my house, what can I do to stop fighting with my husband as SW is love area of the Ba-gua?

ANSWER:  The SW is the "love area" of your home if you are using FIXED Ba-gua Feng Shui. If you use the Western Feng Shui approach to Feng Shui - the SW  may or may not be your PARTNERSHIP/MARRIAGE gua..!  Nonetheless, no matter which school of Feng Shui you elect to use, the Partnership qua should be kept "clean and beautiful"  - and include "pairs of things" in it.   

To STOP FIGHTING, I suggest visualizing your husband as an INNOCENT, KIND and LOVING human being, and also try to see yourself in the same light too. Once YOU stop participating in "power struggle" ... ENERGY in your internal and external "environment" will start to shift and embrace you in blessed and beautiful ways. 

QUESTION: Where is the best place in the house to have an office and have a good business.

ANSWER:  It depends on the "type" of business you are in, and which school of Feng Shui you are using..!  In Western and Fixed Ba-gua Feng Shui - a lot of guas work. However, in CLASSICAL Feng Shui, using sophisticated formulas and math calculations, the UNSEEN energy determines the best gua location and/or locations for an office or business within an environment.  Also, it's critically important to honor your best directions when working as well.

Click here if you have not listened to your Feng Shui element and/or have not learned how to use your POWER DIRECTIONS for Success.

QUESTION:  Hi Suzee! I m planning my booth in a watch fair and I need your help. Which colors of elements will help our business?

ANSWER: Given your specific PRODUCT and business, you will want to lift the CHI - (energy) in the KNOWLEDGE and FAME/FORTUNE gua areas of your booth the most.  BTW, this is a perfect example where Western Feng Shui works best. The appropriate colors to use are included in the F.REE Ba-gua above.

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