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QUESTION:   My husband and I are the owners of a real estate company. There are only two of us and we are working from our home. What should we focus on?

ANSWER:  Your home and land is the most important place to Feng Shui first. In addition, if you want to INCREASE your sales and income, with the least amount of effort, you will want to consider a 2 hour Feng Shui Business consultation which covers the proper Feng Shui arrangement of your office along with a target business plan modeled on Feng Shui principles used by famous people like Trump, Oprah and successful companies like Apple and Amazon to name a few.   Click here for details.

QUESTION:  Hi Suzee. I use my back door to my house regularly for entry and exit. Do I have to treat it as the front of my house although I do have a front door facing the road?

ANSWER:  No, you do not treat the back door as the "front" of your house; however, for best results when using Western Feng Shui you will want to Feng Shui from that door. 

In Classical Feng Shui the "facing" and "sitting" directions of a home or building dictates where to over-lay the Ba-gua, and determines how and where "positive" energy gathers inside an environment. Most people who Feng Shui on their own use Western Ba-gua techniques.  When consulting with an expert - Classical Feng Shui takes precedence over Western.

QUESTION:  How would I know who is a Feng Shui Real estate person? I am looking for a house and really need someone to help me find a good place to live.

ANSWER:  Feel free to call our office at 800.499.7844 or 949.595.8873 and we will be happy to refer a professional to you. We have hundreds of realtors, brokers and stagers in our Feng Shui CERTIFICATION program from all over the world, and they are all highly trained in real estate Feng Shui.

QUESTION:  How can Feng Shui help me on over eating?

ANSWER:  A balanced home environment not only takes away our cravings but also supports our physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies as well.  CLICK here to listen to Suzee's free seminar on FENG SHUI 2011 and hear for yourself how our client JoAnn Visaretes from Canada lost 50 pounds in one year while having her best year in real estate, ever, at the same time..! This occurred as soon as JoAnn remedied and enhanced the "visible and invisible" elements inside her home (Classical Feng Shui). Other miraculous things happened to her as well; her success is an amazing story you won't want to miss listening to.


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