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Feng Shui for the Holidays

RED is a great Chi (ENERGY) enhancer. Instead of candy this year, make a healthy choice and surround your inner and outer environment with nature's beautiful RED Poinsettia plant. Not only will you save hundreds of calories, but you will also lift your spirit with grace, harmony and beauty at the same time. If you cannot afford to purchase plants, then you can always add red apples, pomegranates and/or cranberries. They make wonderful Chi enhancers... scents that freshen space.

If you are a REALTOR®, instead of advertising this month, BLITZ your listings with COLOR by placing a dozen or so RED poinsettia plants in gold and/or red foil inside and outside each of your listings. Not only will this Feng Shui enhancement increase the prospects for more buyer activity, but it will also endear your sellers to you throughout the New Year!

DE-CLUTTER NOW: Unfortunately, sadness, depression and lethargy exists, for many people. during the holiday season. One way to prevent "negative" energy (Sha Chi) from over shadowing you during the holiday season, is to embrace JOY by de-cluttering your environment. If you find yourself feeling hollow, empty, lonely and/or lost, immediately start cleaning and clearing out "clutter" and "stuff" inside your closets, cupboards, drawers, car, office, briefcase, garage and home.

Also, this is a wonderful time of year to be charitable. Think about inviting your office, friends, family, and children to space clear their belongings and to GIFT away box loads of "stuff" to charity before the New Year. This is a great way to immediately turn low energy blues into positive energy Highs. HAPPY music also helps to lift our spirits, so play fun music while you work. Make a game of it. See who can pack-up the most boxes, to GIFT away, the Fastest!

LESS is MORE...INNER - G: "G" stands for Goodness, Generosity, Graciousness, Greatness, Grace, Glory and God. This year consciously try gifting "less" by selecting a few healthy and/or quality gifts that enrich and/or help to heal your friends, family, pets and loved ones. Material things are dense, and thus they calibrate well below 200 in terms of energy. Our goal as spiritual human beings is to elevate our personal Chi... ENERGY – so that we become magnets for Happiness and Joy. Raising our personal energy to this state of grace increases the prospects for health, wealth, love, and opportunity. It also allows us to open up our HEART center, so that we can extend mercy and forgiveness to others, and to ourselves

Feng Shui, the study of ENERGY, transforms Consciousness... Man's humanity to man and to the Earth.

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