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Feng Shui for Health, Relationships & Wealth • Part II

QUESTION: How can Feng Shui help me to bring more clients?

ANSWER: Feng Shui can enhance the prospects for many things in our lives, including more clients; however, Feng Shui enhancements require a "positive and unwavering" mindset to support one's dreams and goals. In general, to increase clients you will want to space-clear and lift the chi in the CAREER, KNOWLEDGE and FAME/FORTUNE gua areas of your home and office.

QUESTION:I live in a house that is from the 1700's. the people from whom we bought it had won and lost fortunes several times. We seem to following in that mode. I am a real estate agent and so is my husband. He has been President of the local and state boards previously. We need a new septic and roof. I have smudged the whole house and worked on de-cluttering. I am at wit's end to figure it all out!! Help!!

ANSWER: Smudging, at best, works for 24 to 48 hours. Too, there are many factors and conditions that could be causing this up/down syndrome. For now I suggest taking a hard look at your land (lot), and lift the Chi in the appropriate gua areas there - first. Too, because the house is quite old, my guess is that the "unseen" energy needs to be remedied and enhanced to bring it back into balance. However, due to the age of your home, this should be done with a professional Feng Shui consultant. If you cannot afford a consultation, then I suggest listening to my Feng Shui Forecast seminar for "generic" remedies and enhancements that can be done on your own.

QUESTION: Hi Suzee, I am confused with Feng Shui's Compass & Black Hat, etc. systems. I was born 06/23/1951 in Russia. Let say, if my best direction is North, should I work facing North or be in the north part of room facing South?

ANSWER: Good Question. Whenever you can occupy one of your "best" gua areas for support, you definitely want to do so.

Feng Shui can get VERY confusing and to make matters worse, neither school mentioned above determines your best directions! The school that does is called 8 Mansions (in English). Also, there are two schools of thought on how to capitalize on one's best directions. Many authors, teachers and masters believe your "back" should be supported by one of your best directions, while others believes you "eyes" should always face one.

My approach to "directions" is a bit different. When reclining or sleeping, I recommend honoring one of your best "headboard" (top of head) directions to support good health. When it comes to sitting, standing and/or working, I recommend capitalizing on one (or as many as your can) of your best "vision" directions.

QUESTION: How do I get Buyers in this Market?

ANSWER: There are endless ways for you to get buyers, in any market, if you are proactive! However, from a Feng Shui perspective, I recommend that you de-clutter (space clear) and Feng Shui your "own" home, office, briefcase and car, first. Once you live and work in a "balanced" environment, your "centered and high" ENERGY automatically will attract good fortune, including qualified and loyal buyers.

QUESTION: Is it good if the main door of my house faces the main road & has a mango tree in front?

ANSWER: It's difficult if the tree "blocks" your entrance door (opportunity) and if the traffic moves fast (doesn't allow positive energy to gather and accumulate). If you cannot move, then you will need to "set" the INTENTION, now, that "your" energy is more powerful than the worse Feng Shui!

QUESTION: Please let me know if to learn Feng Shui will help me, barely to earn $100 dollars (good month's) repairing windshields (stone-breaks), never in my life to afford an automobile on my extremely low income, I never to get to marry nor live with a woman. I live in celibacy in spite of my 48 year age. I live here in Lares, Puerto Rico.

ANSWER: YES. A $19 mp3 of your personal FENG SHUI ELEMENT will provide you with "vitally" important information that will help you in all aspects of your life and career.

QUESTION: I live in Perth western Australia and want to know how do I attract a relationship one based on loyalty and trust. I want to know do I practice feng shui the western way in the southern hemisphere?

ANSWER: Western Ba-gua Feng Shui works in every area of the world, especially in regards to health, relationships and finances. I believe many of the other schools do as well; however, not all Feng Shui Masters would agree with me. BE what you want to have and it's yours!

QUESTION: I have read that mirrors in the bedroom should be covered up at night and also read it is not necessary. Which is true?

ANSWER: If your head board or foot board direction is not in direct alignment with a mirror, you do not need to cover it. However, if you are "super sensitive" and/or a light sleeper, then I would cover the mirrors at night. By the way, one mirror in a bedroom is more than enough!

QUESTION: Can I just use the Bagua map for room by room decoration or do I have to use a compass?

ANSWER: You do not need to use a compass, unless you are doing "fixed" Ba-gua Feng Shui. I believe that Chi - energy - is constantly "changing and moving," therefore I do not integrate it (fixed Ba-gua directions) in my consultations or self study programs.

QUESTION: I have a retail shop and money goes away like speed and I am always finding myself in financial problems. Are there any remedies for this?

ANSWER: Yes. The same Feng Shui remedies and enhancements that work for homes are applicable for businesses too.

QUESTION: Is the color green and violet good to combine as wedding motif?

ANSWER: Yes, the color green represents health, the birth of new ideas along with growth, and violet is "light fire" which sparks love and passion!

QUESTION: Its been 5 years of our marriage but we don't have kids - can you please help me?

ANSWER: This is a a year of PEACH BLOSSOM, a "good" year for love, romance, marriage, conception and birth. You might enjoy listening to my Feng Shui Forecast for ideas where to make whoopie!!!

QUESTION: What makes us believe that there are these 5 elements and is there any relation between them and religion?

ANSWER: The "five elements" go back thousands of years in Chinese history, and are rooted in Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Feng Shui is the study of energy and how energy flows in, around, through and as us; it has nothing to do with religion.

QUESTION: I am an Earth Rabbit (DOB 6th July 1939 at 6.30 p.m.). My Main door faces SOUTH 2. 2008 is supposed to be a very good year for Rabbits. But Finances are strangling me in spite of placing the recommended Feng Shui cures in the various sectors of the house. How do I get out of this dilemma?

ANSWER: This is a VERY auspicious year for those born in the year of the Rabbit. However, without knowing your gender (Feng Shui Element) I cannot comment on South 2. Also, I have no idea what cures you have actually made; however, the word "cures" lends me to believe that they are more "superstitious and cultural" in nature, than actual Feng Shui remedies and enhancements.

Also, without seeing your floor plan and knowing more details, I suggest that you start from scratch and Feng Shui your home, land and work environment again, on your own, or with professional help to take advantage of the auspicious energy that is yours.

QUESTION: If I have to place my bed under a window, how can I counteract that?

ANSWER: You will want to have a "sturdy" wood head board and add "wood" blinds and/or shutters to slow down the Chi. I would also keep your bedroom door 3/4 closed at night while you sleep. If room permits, I would also hang a wind chime (off center) on the eve outside your bedroom window to spin the Chi.

QUESTION: Hi Suzee my name is Priscilla I was born on the 2nd of November 1964 and have had little luck in love, what can I do to change that this year?

ANSWER: Again, this is a year of PEACH BLOSSOM (2008) - a year of love, romance, marriage, conception, birth along with fame and fortune. I suggest you listen to my Feng Shui Forecast and make the necessary remedies and enhancements right away. You are a WEST Group person, and there are many beneficial gua areas for you to occupy this year!

QUESTION: Is it good to buy condo with the light rail transit as a view?

ANSWER: If you haven't purchased it yet, I would PASS. Locations that exude peace, harmony and serenity (quiet), support our physical, mental and emotional bodies. When Chi - energy - has the opportunity to slow down and gather, we can tap into a pool of blessings and opportunities, effortlessly, instead of having them pass us by (rail).

QUESTION: My bed has a beam on top of it, it crosses the middle of my bed. how can i cure the energy being suppressed by the beam over my bed?

ANSWER: The energy is not being suppressed, the opposite is true. Many books say to add a flute to the beam; however, I find that this does "very little" to stop the downward "poison arrow" (fast moving pathway of Chi). The goal is to "break" or "scatter" the energy so it does not affect your health, or separate you from a loved one.

The best remedies for a beam are to: Bull nose the beam to soften and redirect the Chi away, paint it white to help camouflage the beam, spot light the beam to scatter the Chi, add an overhead ceiling fan to spin the Chi up and away... or, all the aforementioned.

QUESTION: What corner of my bedroom would be referred to as the "Love" corner? Is it the southeast, or northeast? And if so, do I view it from the entrance to my bedroom? I was told that's the corner I need to concentrate on to keep an existing relationship alive or to reignite one that has cooled.

ANSWER: Wow - even I'm confused!

First off, if you are using "fixed" Ba-gua Feng Shui the "Southwest," not NE or SE corner, is your "love" area. If you are using Western Ba-gua Feng Shui, the "Love/Partnership /Marriage" qua is viewed as the furthest right-hand corner from the entrance door. I don't know about the "cool down" of which you speak, but perhaps you are referring to the "unseen" energy - Lo-Shu Flying Stars. If so, you can learn how to remedy this on your own, with my Feng Shui Forecast audio program on the links to the left.

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