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Feng Shui and HEALING Spaces


  • Clutter is the glue that binds you to the past
  • Clutter represents subconscious fear of change
  • Clutter breeds frustration, procrastination and anger
  • Clutter keeps old energy stuck in your body and brain
  • Clutter creates obstacles, delays, stress and weight gain
  • Clutter puts the breaks on - in your life and relationships
  • Clutter keeps you out of breath and out of balance.

The Feng Shui ART of Clearing Spaces

  • Removes predecessor energy and negativity
  • Regular space clearing prevents stress and burn-out
  • Destroys SHA CHI - heavy, chaotic and stuck energy
  • Heals your mind, body, emotions and spirit
  • Allows you to BREATHE and EXPAND your consciousness
  • Opens up greater clarity, creativity and vision
  • Supports vibrant relationships and career opportunities
  • Clears the pathway for you to hear and channel universal TRUTHS!


The Feng Shui ART of Cleansing Spaces

EPSON SALT and RUBBING ALCOHOL is the best space cleanser.  It creates a non-toxic gas that cuts through the ethers.  Email me if you would like to learn how to do this type of environmental space cleansing, and I'll teach you how.  Info@FengShuiPlaza.com


Until next time, look around your office, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom to see what’s holding you back in life, love, health or financial gain!


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