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Good Feng Shui Questions • Part I

QUESTION: Hi Suzee... What would be the most important thing I could do to this house or house/yard to improve the good fortune/health of the owners? 15803 SE 27th Circle, Vancouver, Washington one level, ranch, 1550 square feet, 3 bedroom, great room concept. Master in the SE corner, Dining in the SW corner, Kitchen in the SW, middle of home... Garage to the W, N side of home. Entry in the middle, N side.

ANSWER: Unfortunately, questions like this one require a 1 or 2 hour phone consultation, as it's impossible for me to comment with just the above information given. I would need to review your floor plan, furniture layout, photos, plot map, construction date, compass directions, landscaping and the occupants DOBs etc. BEFORE making Feng Shui recommendations.

QUESTION: How can I learn what the different areas of the house are so that we can be "balanced" healthy, financially, etc.

ANSWER: Click onto the FREE Ba-gua link on any of our websites -this will give you the different "life stations" or gua areas you seek.

QUESTION: Hi Suzee, You were a wonderful help to me years ago at my former home. I moved into attached housing, (units on both sides and back of unit), facing NE. Ceilings are slanted, highest at back of Unit. I'm not sure how to correct this as bedroom configuration prevents true South Facing for Bed. I am no longer in Real Estate, but I am interested in continuing to study Feng-Shui. Would it be worthwhile for me to take your Courses?

ANSWER: To answer the first part of your question, you will want to re-listen to your FENG SHUI ELEMENT as you have 3 other good directions for sleep, in addition to your A+ one. YES, our courses are beneficial for everyone. People from all walks of life and professions have commented that they are the best on the market, as they teach you how to use "integrative" Feng Shui templates and techniques covering both East and West practices. For more information on our products, visit our Home Page.

QUESTION: There are big raised long cracks in cement in garage floor up into entrance of back door which is entrance door into home. Entrance is into family room – child born in 2008 has mitochondrial disease.

ANSWER:> Major cracks and earth separation is usually indicative of nearby radiation (Electromagnetic waves of energy from power lines, high tension wires and transformers) and/or from geopathic stress lines in the Earth. If this kind of energy can move, raise, and crack "concrete," then it is a given that it has an even "greater" affect on the lives of the occupants inside. In a nutshell, we are the environment we occupy. PLEASE, take action now to protect yourselves. (click onto our Electro-Magnetic Protection link to learn more)

QUESTION:> Is a red accent wall good luck in the 2nd floor wealth section of your house?

ANSWER: The answer is – it depends on the "unseen" energy in the "wealth" gua quadrant of your home. To place safe, I would not paint it red.

QUESTION:Our entrance door when you open it goes straight thru the stairs that connects to my son's room. Is this bad or good?

ANSWER: Open stairs front facing an entry door is "difficult" Feng Shui and hard to remedy. The Chi (energy) moving between each "open" stair creates what is referred to as "knife blades." I would have your son keep his bedroom door closed at all times to avoid accidents, injury, agitation and/or problematic behavior.

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